2018 11 20 MAK VIENNA
How can we transform urban spaces to inspire community and collaboration? How can we create better models for living, working and transport?
In the age of global challenges, we need visions for new ways of living, working and transport.
2018.11.20 TUESDAY 15:00-15:45 at MAK Vienna


CREATIVE CHANGEMAKERS is an initiative to bring creative people together to work on real-world problems.

For the project FUTURE CITY, a team of four creative people will present how design, architecture and art can transform the future of cities. FUTURE CITY engages with contemporary problems and proposes solutions through new processes, experiences and infrastructure systems.

FUTURE CITY is innovation through creative vision. It presents new viewpoints for the future of urban society.

CREATIVE CHANGEMAKERS looks at the world's most pressing issues and creates new viewpoints and solutions through design, art and architecture. CREATIVE CHANGEMAKERS is where creative people meet to shape new perspectives: designers, fashion makers, artists and architects whose work aims to inspire positive change.


FUTURE CITY premieres on November 20, 2018 in MAK Museum of Applied Art in Vienna during VIENNA ART WEEK 2018.

Sachin Anshuman

will present his work in the context of mobility and smart cities.

Mario Gagliardi

will present a revolutionary design concept: Podchain, an autonomous urban transport system of the future.


will show his visions for future fashion: fashion upcycling and sustainable customization for future urbanites.

Kristiane Kegelmann

will present new experiential sculptures by interpreting an urban food culture scenario of the future and inviting the audience to interact with her edible creations.


Mario Gagliardi


For Mario, design is a method to understand problems and to propose solutions. Design deals with highly complex realities: human perception and memory, psychology and social behaviour, systemic factors, product lifecycles. Products and services created with a single viewpoint often create more problems than they solve. Therefore Mario builds what he calls a design ecosystem around a design task. Informed by research and field studies, this is a system of connected elements centered around a problem-solving strategy which can consist of experiences, services, spaces, digital and physical products, communication channels and brands.

Future Design


Trained as an industrial designer, Mario Gagliardi has consulted an array of global corporations and governments on design, business, and innovation. As chief designer at Korean conglomerate LG, he created one of Asia’s commercially most successful cosmetic brands. As consultant for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, he developed the design strategies for the innovation of education in Austrian schools and universities. As creative director/CEO of Qatar Foundation, he laid the conceptual groundwork for the architectural design of the sustainable urban renewal of Doha. Mario was professor at HongIk IDAS University (Seoul, Korea) and at Aalborg University (Denmark), and he lectured at leading international universities such as the University for the Creative Arts (UK), London Business School (UK), Tsinghua University (China) and Sapienza University (Rome). Mario holds an MBA from the University of Westminster (UK) and has authored numerous articles on design and business strategy.



For Noki, fashion is an expression of individual freedom and a right for everybody. Critical of the way fashion and fashion marketing works today, he proposes a creative method as a solution: Upcycling through fashion customisation, a creative work with textiles he calls 'New Power Textiles' - the clothes routinely disposed by the fashion industry which end up as waste and in landfills. With a range of techniques typical for Noki - ripping, cutting, working with multiple layers - he teaches fashion students to design their own, expressive, sustainable 'Fashion Monster' exemplifying the fashion of the future.

Future Fashion


Noki is a textile artist and fashion customizer. Noki's fashion has been worn by Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Nicki Minaj and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe. He works with students in colleges such as the Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins and the Alba University of Beirut to teach his philosophy of creative upcycling. He studied fashion design at the Edinburgh College of Art and worked with Barbour, Adidas, Reebok, Levi's und Chloé Paris. His creations have been shown at London Fashion Week, the shows of Lady Gaga und Gorrilaz, in the Victoria & Albert Museum, at the Other Art Fair of Saatchi Art and at the Lovebox Festival, and featured in publications such as Vogue, i-D, Spex, Face, Elle and many others.

Sachin Anshuman


Sachin is interested in what smart architecture can do for people. Originally from India, he understands the complex problems of rapidly growing cities. As lead architect for many global infrastructure projects, he works on problems firmly rooted in reality: How to accomodate large crowds in transport terminals? How to create spaces which aid people's orientation? How to create spaces which adapt to people (instead of the other way round)?

Future Architecture


Sachin Anshuman is an architect specializing in interaction in physical spaces. Sachin Anshuman worked with SOM Skidmore Owens and Merril before joining Arup as lead architect on global high-profile infrastructure projects such as Hyperloop One, High Speed 2, Metro Toronto, Metro Istanbul, Metro Riyadh, Metro Santiago de Chile, Doha Metro and Singapore Changi Airport. He holds a PhD from Glasgow Caledonian University. He lectured at universities such as Bartlett School of Architecture, TU Delft, University of Edinburgh and University of Strathclyde, and his academic work has been published internationally.

Kristiane Kegelmann


Kristiane Kegelmann explores her surrounding space with her work. Ephemeral ingredients are combined with permanent material as a result of what the artist extracts from her environment. As part of FUTURE CITY, she chose "artificiality" - a state that can be found everywhere in everyday life. In the process of daily consumption, there are countless moments that reveal a glimpse at the consequences of artificiality. She applies hues and pigments to realise the topic of consumption in sculptural form: colours echoing the parallels between man-made versus natural.

Future Art


Kristiane Kegelmann is an artist working between food and sculpture. She learned the craft of patisserie at Demel Vienna and combines this knowledge with artistic expression. She preferably shows her sculptures in the public space and at venues such as Food Art Week Paris, Art Dinner Berlin, Diskurs Galerie Berlin and Neue Galerie Berlin.



FUTURE CITY is a work in progress. We invite designers, fashion designers, architects and artists to join us to inspire positive change.

FUTURE CITY premieres during VIENNA ART WEEK 2018

November 20, 2018, 15:00 - 15:45

MAK Vienna, A-1010 Vienna, Entrance Stubenring 5

VIENNA ART WEEK Line Up, Vortragssaal, 1.floor