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Computer Vision

by Mario Gagliardi Design

Four design concepts on the possibilities of personal computers. (C) Mario Gagliardi 2005

The phone is your hand: High-end personal electronics and mobile communication devices disappear altogether, getting implanted just below the outer layer of your skin. Once the phone IS your hand, simple gestures make it possible to have telephone conversations.

Squeeze stick: making data exchange tangible, the squeeze memory stick pushes data into devices when inserted and squeezed.

Treasure box computer: 
On the other end of the scale, the first personal quantum computers might be an exclusive gift. The treasure box computer in Chinese silk opens a glimpse to glowing crystals, conveying the idea of quantum data processing at the speed of light.

Noh house spirits: 
Intelligent houses, atmosphere, temperature, and mood-regulating, could have a house spirit– a floating mask on the display walls – all-seeing, protecting from intruders, eagerly waiting for instructions even when travelling.

Takeway computer: 
The price of basic computer hardware has dropped so much that a low-spec computer can cost less then 10 $. What if the casing, the most expensive part of a computer, is also low-cost? This takeaway-computer design costs just as much as takeaway noodles.