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Creating connections and filling these connections with interpretation and meaning is a powerful mechanism of human sense-making. These connections can be entirely arbitrary, yet we strive to give colors and patterns a meaning in order to integrate them into a view of the world. This urge for sense-making is so powerful that Roman emperors believed their fate would be inscribed in the look of the entrails of ritually sacrificed animals. A similar practice is tasseography, a divination method that interprets patterns in tea and coffee cups. Inspired by tasseography, each name input in this design experiment results in a unique plate pattern inspired by rustic American tableware styles of the fourties and early fifties. The pattern and colors created are unique to each name, and thus a connection between a person and a particular pattern is created. To generate your personalized plate pattern, go to, type your name into the input box and click "make plate". This is not just a random pattern generator: You can return to the page at a later time and the pattern created from your name will be the same. (C) Mario Gagliardi 2015