penccil for creative people

A new dimension of creativity

The possibilities are endless: Architects can show ongoing work on building designs and get feedback from the people of the community. Graphic designers can show work-in progress variations of a poster or book cover and get feedback and ideas from clients and fellow designers. Product designers can show prototype renders and get feedback from potential future consumers. penccil makes it easy to start projects, to find and invite like-minded creative individuals, to collaborate, and to present.

It's all about your projects.

penccil is based on projects. Designed for ease of use, projects can be created simply by drag and drop. In projects, penccil members can create collections, comment and sketch on images, present, fetch images for curation, and collaborate with others. penccil project founders can invite other designers, change emphasis and project flow, and check on their event board what is happening in their projects.

Discover and be discovered.

Calls and contests on penccil are designed to fuel creative careers. In calls and contests, penccil members can participate in creative competitions for institutions and companies. Calls and contests come with their own membership and are managed from within their own dashboard, where founders can establish rules, designate coaches and judges, communicate with participants and manage timeframes.

Create, curate, collaborate.

Find fellow creative minds, get feedback and develop creative projects together. Collaborate anywhere and anytime, online, in realtime. Develop projects with the vector drawing tool and the note pinning tool on top of images. Collaboration in penccil works both with delay and in realtime. In realtime, collaborators see activities by other members on their own screen at the time of making. If collaborators cannot meet at the same time, their event board shows what happened in their projects, and the penccil process slider shows a timeline of the creative process as it happened.

Ease of use.

Focus on your creative projects, not on learning complicated apps. penccil takes the pain out of posting projects on the web, making the creation of portfolios, collaboration studios, and online presentations easier than ever. Just drag and drop images to get image gallery, online collaboration studio, and presentation interface.