penccil for education

Built for the creative process.

penccil makes the creative process transparent. The event board and process slider show creative activity as it happens, supporting creative research, teaching and mentoring. Study the development of the creative process interactively with the process slider, a time machine for the creative process. Fetch current states of projects to new projects for curation, research and study.

Designed for collaboration.

Critique, get feedback and develop design projects together with your students. Students and teachers can collaborate anywhere and anytime, online, in realtime. Develop projects with the vector drawing tool and the note pinning tool on top of images. Follow team dynamics and study the development of skills.

Ease of use.

Focus on creative projects, not on learning complicated apps. penccil takes the pain out of posting projects on the web, making the creation of portfolios, collaboration studios, and online presentations easier than ever. Just drag and drop images to get image gallery, online collaboration studio, and presentation interface.