The future of traveling - Projects
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Project results of the workshop on the future of hospitality, tourism and traveling led by Mario Gagliardi at Aalborg University, Denmark.
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Kasper Lee Hartmann, now designer at Danish smartphone manufacturer Lumigon, proposed the anti-compass for travellers who want to escape the ordinary and other tourists.
People want to have deeply felt experiences to make the everyday life extraordinary – especially when traveling.
Therefore Nis Ovesen proposed the Emo1: A Digital Signal Processor transforms ambient sounds recorded with the microphones on the sides of Emo1 into beats and urban rhythms. A gyroscope registers your movement and adds them to the music.
A web based service allows you and others to attach pieces of sound and music to certain GPS coordinates. Walking around in the city you will experience this mode as sounds and music coming to you when entering the area of the coordinates.
The smart ticket by Sinne Nielsen eliminates the need to have to figure out when you have to be at the gate. Information about your flight and timetable is always at your disposal.
No more lost luggage by Michael Petersen: A suitcase sensitive to movement and with Fingerprint scanner.
Excess baggage by Anja Knudsen, now project manager at LEGO: A personal, portable luggage weight.
So that people have a fair chance to control personal purchases during travel, time to consider what is absolutely needed to bring and what can be left behind, and to go to the post office and mail items in time.
Mobile hotel by Jens Vestergaard:
A concept for foldable hotel room interiors in pop-up hotels.
Detect yourself by Kirstine Ammentorp Sand: The experience in the airport has a very large influence on the quality of the vacation as a whole. Queuing and discomfort at security are unpleasant experiences. To alleviate the problem, Kirstine proposes detector pillars. With “Detect yourself” you can find all metal pieces on your body before going through security, avoiding the embarrassment of being tapped down at security.
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