About penccil

Your creative ecosystem.

penccil is a non-profit ecosystem for creativity across all disciplines. penccil brings creative individuals and communities across the globe together to share work and reach new friends and like-minded talents.

Portfolio, presentation, co-creation.

Combining portfolio and a co-creation environment, penccil believes that creativity is social. penccil wants to encourage the sharing of knowledge and unleash new creative possibilities.

Creativity is social.

penccil is designed to support creative minds in the creative process. It makes it easy to start projects, to find and invite like-minded creative individuals, and to collaborate.

Create, curate, collaborate.

Collaboration in penccil works both with delay and in realtime. In realtime, collaborators see activities by other members at the time of making. If collaborators cannot meet at the same time, their event board shows what happened in their projects, and the penccil process slider shows a timeline of the creative process.

penccil was designed and developed by MGD.