How to make a successful project

1: Show

Images get your idea across. Start with CREATE PROJECT in your penccil homepage and drop images - you can drop several images at once. It is a good idea to add captions too - they add information to your images.

2: Describe

The more you describe your project, the more people know what they should do. Are you looking for comments, for critique, for sketches, for more images, for forked projects?

3: Contribute and invite

Contribute: Go to projects which interest you. Add a note or a sketch. Your contribution will make your name tag appear in the project, and it will appear in the EVENTS board of the project founder.

Invite: Go to the homepage of penccil members. On their homepage, click the name. Choose the project you want to invite this member to and click send. Invitations will be sent to the Inbox of the invitee and forwarded to their email.