Ostrea sofa by Annika Göransson: The design process
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OSTREA is Annika Göransson’s modern version of the 19th century’s upholstery furniture. The inspiration was the bombastic divans and armchairs from this period, which were richly decorated with tassels, fringes and drapes. The traditional ornamentation was converted into structures and the bombastic shapes were translated into a flowing, organic form. The oyster’s structure and colours was also a source of inspiration hence the name, which means oyster in Latin. Annika Göransson has worked with the contrast between rough and smooth and light and dark in the furniture. The orange thread accentuates the organic shape and defines the flexible part of the sofa.

Annika Göransson is a Swedish designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She moved to Copenhagen in 2008 to study at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts- School of Design. Graduating as Cand. Design MAA in 2013, she is working as a freelance designer within the fields of furniture- and product design, as well as spatial- and interior design. “In my work I strive to create furniture and products that speak to the human senses and raises the users curiosity. As a designer I am inspired by the diversity of nature and Scandinavian design classics, and I work a lot with contrasts in material, shape and color.”