Brett Baguette
Annotate & Collect
Brett Baguette was designed to be build using only a circle-saw and a drill. The Bar “Barry” of the W139 in Amsterdam had asked for an Idea to make chairs for their cafe area, that could be easily put away or rearranged. The Space needed a more sturdy rougher chair. It misleadingly takes up the geometry of a classic folding chair as those are the simplest but on Brett Baguette nothing turns. It is stackable. It takes inspiration from Gerrit Rietvelds wooden DIY chairs and steel furniture and Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione, but also the great classic designs from the 50’s 60’s like Friso Kramer and Giancarlo Piretti. The legs are rather deep giving them enough surface to take up the momentum arising from this geometry. A double H-shaped rack underneath connects the two halves firmly together. A board for seating and a backrest are added and further stiffen out the construction.

Michael Schoner, born 1977 in Giessen, Germany, is living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He studied at Technische Universität Darmstadt and at Esquela Technica Superior de Arquitectura Barcelona.