penccil: This was 2017
The penccil year in review is a project selection for 2017, this year curated by Mario Gagliardi. Selecting 3 projects each in the areas of art, design, architecture and photography, Mario shows projects which make a difference: Artefacts, images and concepts which express a concern for the issues and problems of our world and inspire us to see things from a different angle.

Art: Romuald Hazoumé Kader Attia Wang Luyan
Design: Dana Callam Natascha Harra-Frischkorn Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff
Architecture: Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux Anne Romme Piet Blom
Photography: Vincent Fournier Naoya Hatakeyama Jean-Yves Lemoigne