Unknown Classics of the 20th century

Our unbelievably knowledgeable curators and our refined fiduciary collectors open their 1930 Louis Vuitton coffers to show us a little insight into their personal collection of stunning, yet lesser known architecture and design gems of the 20th century, featuring designs from the US, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia.
Pier Luigi Nervi, Stadio Giovanni Berta, Firenze, 1932
Chair model B407, Gebrüder Thonet, designed by Ferdinand Kramer, 1927
Kuroda Tatsuaki, Sekishitsu laquer box, 1957
Bisiluro da corsa, designed by Carlo Mollino for Enrico Nardi, Torino, 1955
Wear-Ever Tea Kettle, Lurelle Guild, 1932
Carlo Mollino, Theatre chairs for the RAI auditorium, Torino 1951
Earl S. Tupper, Tumblers, 1954
Tatra T-87, 1937, designed by Hans Ledwinka
Teatro Regio, Carlo Mollino 1965
Shabolovka Radio Tower, Vladimir Shukov, Moscow 1922
Kikutake Kionori, Marine City, 1963
Corning Glass, Frying pan, company design, 1942
Peter Schlumbohm, Chemex Coffee maker, 1941
Shabolovka Radio Tower, Vladimir Shukov, Moscow 1922
M.A. Ilyin, Melnikov House, Moscow 1931
Louis Kahn, Traffic study, project Philadelphia, 1952
Kenzo Tange, Hiroshima Peace center, 1955
Pietro Lingeri, Clubhouse at Lake Como, 1931
Gino Levi Montalcini, Mostra Nazionale della Moda, Torino 1932
Bruno Taut, glass pavillon, 1914
László Moholy-Nagy
François Azambourg: Lighting
We imagine more objects to make less objects
4P1B Milan
人類の進歩と調和: Osaka Expo 1970
Etienne Meneau
DIY Design
Carlos Cruz-Diez: Chromointerference
Artek + Vitra : Micasa, SP
Traffic lights
Something remote
MR House, Costa Esmeralda
Monet and the Birth of Impressionism
Basic house
Smart traditions
Imaginary cities
Speculative Architecture
Japanese Swiss Greek
見つめる家 House of Vision
Scape House 窓辺の家 / Kouichi Kimura 木村浩
Biomimicry Soft Seat
Pili Wu: Plastic Classic
Hermetic city
Frederik Delbart: Functional
10 Calories Tower
New Museum
X Spanish Biennial
Neutra Furniture
佐藤 卓 Taku Satoh
Greenhouses for the city: Spaceplates
Libor Sosták
Authentic Fake
Trylon and Perisphere
chocolate design
Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen: OS ∆ OOS
The Tallest Buildings in the World
Contemporary Turkish Design: Naiftasarim
100 Years Caran d´Ache Pencils
Moyen Format Numérique
Fernando & Humberto Campana: Quintessentially Brazilian
Alessandro Ciffo
Serve Up!
Geckeler Michels
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Daniel Salemi
Shinn Asano 代表 浅野真一郎
Andréason and Leibel
Vicky Moon: Mid-century Modern
Best Highrises 2014/15
Carl Fredrik Svenstedt: Stone House
Ostrea sofa by Annika Göransson: The design process
Michaël Bihain
Hanhsi Chen and Shikai Tseng
Zhili Liu 刘知礼
I like it. What is it?
Elio Martinelli
Modular Constructivism: Norman Carlberg and Erwin Hauer
18 classic chairs
weight of the light: design by Kouichi Okamoto
Miiing / Laurent Minguet
FUML: John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson, Petrus Palmér
Another Bathroom
Ionna Vautrin
Design by Artists: Beuys, Bustamante, Gillick, Hirst, Judd, LeWitt, Merz, Morris, Wei Wei, Whiteread
Tierney Haines
Guillaume Delvigne
broglia traverso
Sebastian Errazuriz
Hello Kitty Culture
Brunno Jahara, Brazil
磯崎 新 Arata Isozaki
Réjean : Les ROCHERS
Von Tundra
El Ultimo Grito
소재의 구성 and other works by Jeonghwa Seo
Skin : 9191
The Creative Year 2014 Review
William Glackens
edible design
residential builiding S1
Inner court
residential building
Ole Jensen
Franco Albini
Ilot Ilov
Dominique Coulon
Henry Franks
Keibei Li
If I see a Bentley: Naoto Fukosawa
Arthur Hoffner
Giorgio Gurioli
Flow Table
Extra National Assembly
Alessandro Gnocchi
Alessandro Stabile
Hacking Ikea
Maxim Maximov
Haubitz+Zoche: Movie Theatres
Daniel Kaufman
Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien
Gabriele Pardi & Laura Fiaschi
Re watering
Stine Gam & Enrico Fratesi
Creative Cities
3D Printed
Carmelo Baglivo: Architectural Collage
Keiji Ashizawa: Architecture
Splendours of the Past
How a Logo Survives in a Metropolis
Case Sospese
Hugh Ferriss
Bas Van Raay
X marks the spot
A Charming artistic loft in Tel Aviv, Israel
Thomas Vailly
二俣スタジオ Koichi Futatsuma Studio
Ceramics and Plastics, Foam and Glass
Sand Molded
Melted Spots
Nikolo Kerimov
Andrey and Shay
Marble & Technology