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Kasper Pyndt: In this school project (supervised by Thomas Buxo) I was asked to make a book about one aspect of the internet as part of a book-series inspired by Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalogue from the late 60s. My book consists of 61 monetary proposals received in my junk-folder over the course of 3 years. Proposals that most likely are spam. The content is divided into four sections (Inheritances, business proposals, lottery winnings and misc.) in a total of 108 pages. The book is a reflection and investigation on these e-mails, exposing strange or funny sentences. At the same time, it is a comment to contemporary cynicism of internet-users (myself included) that would immediately dismiss these proposals as scams. In theory they could be true? The book takes on this theme by naively stressing the amount of money I could have potentially earned, given that these proposals were real.
Xavier Antin: Printing at Home
72 dpi
Poul Hundevad and the Guldhøj chair
Balder Skånström-Bo
Place cards
Áron Jancsó
AG Frozoni: We need to aim at essential things
Andrea Guccini: 4A+1
Julien Notter and Sébastien Vigne
Erwin Poell: Naturwissenschaft + Technik
E. Hu
Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol
Make War, Not Love
Louis Weisdorf: Multi-Lite and Turbo
The Many Sides of the Moon
Antonio Rubino
Sadamitsu Neil Fujita
L´Imparfaite by VLF
Life Is Electric. Philippe Weisbecker
The 2015 best of penccil
Hasui Kawase 川瀬 巴水
France 1661
Erik Nitsche
What You Think You Know
Sweets by 若杉 智也
Spin it
Ink kisses paper
RGB Studio
長嶋りかこ Rikako Nagashima グラフィックデザイナー Founder / Graphic designer
Inside is Out - Outside is In
邵 年 Shao Nian
Nikolai Lutohin
Shin Dokho
Laucke Siebein, Amsterdam and Berlin
Crystal Palace
hitoshi koizumi
The Einstein Intersection
Material zur elementaren Gestaltung
Poul Kjaerholm: PK0
Nelson Mandela Blvd
The fairytales of H. C. Andersen
Jacob Jensen
Computer Art 1960 - 1970
The Art of Ralph McQarrie
Bob Noorda / Milano
Édouard Vuillard: Turn of the Century Paris
Printed Stone Fields
Alexis Jamet
The EU Game
Siggi Eggertson: Ich Bin Ein Kugelschreiber
Klas Ernflo: Ink On Board
Why do you look like that?
Cartlidge Levene
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