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Umut Yamac is an architect, designer and maker of kinetic works based in London. During his architectural career, Umut Yamac was drawn to the design of 1:1 mechanical details and in 2011, he founded his studio to combine this interest with his love of making.
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A collaborative project with multidisciplinary practice DPQ to develop a family of furniture for the Dazed & Confused Live festival at the Tramshed. X marks the spot is a collection of furniture encompassing tables, benches and love seats, all of which can be put together without any fixings. The criteria for the design was borne from the brief ‘to create 100 seats under £10 each in 10 days’. Rather than create temporary seating, we were keen to look at ways to manufacture a cost effective seat, which would be quick to assemble but long lasting. The cross in the centre of each piece is not just decorative, but expresses how the piece was assembled and marks the spot to sit.
Saving Place: The project proposes a set of conceptual tools for guerrilla activism within the city. Designed to attract specific species of wildlife which afford special status within British planning laws, they enable the user to influence the planning process and the built environment.
Hunting the Cockney Sparrow was an installation that introduced a series of interactive sculptures to the city. The project used reconfigured domestic furnishings to arouse the curiosity of the public and invite their participation. The installation was sited in Bloomsbury Square Gardens, London. Each of the 8 benches encircling the centre of square were customised to become eight individual acoustic installations, broadcasting site specific sounds to the curious passer by. This project was conceived and realised under the alias of awol.cc, in collaboration with Juliet Quintero, Manuel Irsara and Paolo Zaide.
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