Making Meaning
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Suggestions, provided by the Google suggestion API, provide an insight into the contemporary making of meaning.

When we type the letter "a" in the Oxford dictionary, the results we get are unbiased and analytic: "a. Used when mentioning someone or something for the first time in a text or conversation."

Google, on the other hand, accumulates questions of its users and ranks them. The results are biased, showing the questions of the world through the lens of Google´s ranking algorithm, which in turn is influenced by your browsing behavior.

This ranking influences meaning-making, as high-ranking suggestions are more conspicuous. Typing the letter "a" in Google results in this: "amazon, airbnb, argos, apple, american airlines, asos, autotrader, autozone, adidas, amazon prime."

Type one or two letters in each input box and select a suggested term. Repeat in the next input boxes to compose a "suggested poem":
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