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GIFolio is an animated GIF containing up to ten images of your project - a great way to give a first impression. Attach it to your emails or share it on your social media to promote your creative work. The GIFolio button is on the bottom right of a gallery.

Prepare a GIFolio by arranging your images in the gallery editor. Open the the gallery editor with the button "Create project" or the button "Edit project". In the gallery editor, drop your images, then drag and drop the preview images to change the order in which they appear. When y0u are happy with the sequence of your images, click SAVE.

GIFolio will contain the first 10 images in the same sequence you saved them in your gallery. GIFolio works best if the images it contains have similar dimensions.
Abstract Form
Essential Water
The Venice Pavillon
Collaborative City Planning
Generative Botany
Creative Changemakers & Future City
The Persona Project
Evolving spaces
Dreaming of Skyscrapers
Stories of the Future
Black Box
Oilspill, Carpet, Camouflage
Alessandro Mendini 1931-2019
Terror Architecture -18th Century Prisons
Kunio Makaewa
DNA Paris Design Awards
Pieter Bruegel
Digital Biology
Rethinking transport
Territorium: Ars - Techne-Krafts-Cosmovisión
Future City - Fashion, Food, Transport
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
WRECK--Regeneration Experiment of Wasted Daily-use Ceramics from Chaozhou, China
The loft bar
Emergent Neighborhood Transport
Joy Assistant
Emergent Townbike
Omnidirectional Speaker
Silk Road
Organic Bike