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Permanent Objects
Simon Freund of Simon&Me is a young German artist working in the field of consumable goods. Each obj...
Eleven Inc. asked Happycentro to develop and produce 18 clips for Dignity Health, a California-based...
Werdi Vagner
In occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Wagner and Verdi, an exhibition curated by SkyClassic...
Schlör car
The Schlörwagen, named for it’s developer, German engineer Karl Schlör, was an experimental car ...
Montmartre is a contemporary furniture set with a playful touch. With inspiration drawn from the fur...
Light installations
Studio Drift was founded in 2006 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn. Lonneke Gordijn studied at Desi...
Osang Gwon: Deodorant Type
Osang Gwon's "Deodorant Type" are "photo-sculptures". The artist takes photographs of a subject from...
Luca Nichetto: Hai
Luca Nichetto was born in 1976 in Venice, where he studied at the Art Institute. Afterwards he atten...
fly, laugh, dance, run, jump, talk, sing, skate, and play
Personajes que vuelan, ríen, bailan, corren, saltan, hablan, cantan, patinan y juegan. Personajes q...
Fontastic: Script
Stupendous script font specimens from the 1950s by M.Meijer.
Fontastic: Decorative
Unusual decorative font specimens from the 1940s.
Fontastic: Bold
Remarkable bold font specimens from the 1940s.
Fontastic: Narrow
Surprising narrow font specimens from the 1940s.
Mall-terations by Stereotank
Mall-terations is a temporary installation located on the Allen Street pedestrian malls between Hous...
Cyclo-phone by Stereotank
Cyclo-phone is a bicycle powered musical instrument. Users create music by pedaling on a stationary ...
Little free library by Stereotank
The Architectural League of New York partnered with Pen World Voices Festival to bring Little Free L...
A Creative Day In A Creative Life
Art pour l´art all day long.
by newgrid
Surrealist directions for use
Great leaps forward
The people who made modernity. Add images of your favorite modern heroes!
Deconstructivist: Essential Gear
in 2012