DNA Paris Design Awards
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DNA Paris Design Awards aim to discover and celebrate fresh and creative designs from all around the world in Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Product, and Graphic Design.

Today’s designers are more creative, multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial than ever. Great design is moving fast and bright ideas pop up everywhere. We bring the best design from Paris to Medellin, Bangkok or Cape Town, HK or NY, Tehran, Marseille or Copenhagen...
That’s why DNA has been designed as a global, multicultural initiative, right from the start.

Talented designers around the world are invited to enter the award, for a chance to take their work to the bigger scene and connect with the brightest design minds in the industry.
The contest will be led by a stellar jury of some of the hottest design thinkers, makers and editors in the field.
Founders of Toiletpaper Magazine MAURIZIO CATTELAN & PIERPAOLO FERRARI - Italie
Creative Director & Founder of Skewed productions MARCUS ENGMAN - Sweden
Chef & Designer at Dinara Kasko DINARA KASKO - Ukraine
Graphic designer & Graffiti artist TYRSA - France
Founder & Creative Director at Fubiz ROMAIN COLIN - France
Founder & Chief Editor at A New Type of Imprint VERONICA MIKE SOLHEIM - Norway
Founder & Creative director of BETC Paris REMI BABINET - France
Founder & Landscape designer at FADA studio FABIEN DAVID - France
China Editor at Wallpaper* magazine YOKO CHOY - Hong Kong
Architect, Urbanist & Actress SHAHIRA FAHMI - Egypt
Artistic Director of FLORA ars+natura JOSE ROCA - Colombia
Founders & Creative directors at Bonsoir Paris FANNY DORA & MORGAN MACCARI - France
Co-founder of Good Fucking Design Advice BRIAN BUIRGE - USA
Interior Architect at Fleur Delesalle FLEUR DELESALLE - France
Founder and creative director of Dcontract agency ROD REYNOLDS - France
Architect, Designer & Craftman STEVEN SELBY - Spain
Creative director & director at Noirwave RHARHA NEMBHARD - South-Africa
Creative director of Thai label Theatre ART ARYA - Thailand
Vice President of BETC Paris & Founder of BETC POP FABRICE BROVELLI - France
``Hello Moscow`` project leader OXANA BONDARENKO - Russia
Designers at Studio Briand Berthereau JORAN BRIAND & ARNAUD BERTHEREAU - France
DNA Paris Design Awards is a fresh design award in Paris for creative thinkers and makers.
Green Architecture…. Is it blessing or curse!!
Book : Monk
Book : Tajima
Book : Lewitt
Book : Baldessari
Book : Armleder
Book : Mullican
Book : Weiner
Book : Cattelan
Book : Brannon
Structured Reflection
Kenzo Tange
The Menu
Organic Public
What Is A Simulation?
Design for Disaster
Shared Space
Books of Memory: Gianpaolo Pagni
Groupe Garcia Ingénierie
A Flat Named Desire
Food Architecture
“I perhaps owe it to flowers that I became a painter.”
Sky Walk
Akiko Masunaga
Management 7
Microscopes of utopia
Brazil Modernism
Carlo Scarpa: Sketch and Work
Peter Zumthor: Thinking Architecture
The Bauhaus Revolution
Struth: Nature & Politics
In Orbit
Tom Ngo
Future Architecture
Superstudio, Superproduction, Superconsumption
Visual Music
Heartbeat, Heartseat
Swarm fabrication: Kokkugia / Roland Snooks
Spatial Clusters
The Venice Pavillon
Collaborative City Planning
Evolving spaces
Dreaming of Skyscrapers
Blacker Box
Alessandro Mendini 1931-2019
Terror Architecture -18th Century Prisons
Kunio Makaewa
Digital Biology
Territorium: Ars - Techne-Krafts-Cosmovisión
Future City - Fashion, Food, Transport
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
worlds of planet earth
The loft bar
Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories by Dmitry Borshch
Mechanical Suprematist
All that is left of the world is a wasteland
The shape of clouds
4 second spaceship
The Joys of Ice Skating
Charles Tassin
penccil: This was 2017
Cutting the edges
The pattern of You
serpentine 2017
Maurice Binder
Neverending Graphics
Le Drugstore Brand Identity
Coffee maker