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The invention may sound like a joke. If you type ‘dehydrated water’ on Google, you’ll see there have been several attempts to freeze-dry the liquid in the past, mainly to solve the weighty problem of water’s long distance transportation. Unfortunately, none of them were successful. Brandpowder took up the challenge two years ago, and finally found a solution. Our Creative Team started from a basic consideration. The point is simple: when you dehydrate water you are left with nothing, right? So, why not just inventing a product with nothing inside? The Dehydrated Water was born. It took us six months to design a logo, a proper packaging and a communication strategy for its launch. The advantage of our Dehydrated Water is evident: consumers don’t have to pay for the product, because this is a non-product. They just pay for the extra costs, namely the idea, design and advertising of it. This bring us to our second, more important point, which is a reflection on the value and price of things. Dehydrated Water reverses the paradigm: instead of paying for the simple quality and substance of a product – free from the burden of evocative design, sexy advertising and extra costs - you just pay for the ephemeral skin, the rich void. You can look at it as a liquid provocation to consumerism: we buy useless things as if essential to our survival. Even water, a symbol of our most basic need, can be transformed into a marketing experiment.
THE PERFECT CAR: 911DS by Brandpowder
Goal of this project is not just making this car, but promoting the merging of two Countries, France...