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Liqen was born in 1980, in Vigo, a port and industrial city of Galicia, in Spain. Since very little,...
The Great Travelling Art Exhibition
Drawings created on the rear shutters of white haulage trucks are done by scribing into the layer of...
The Graffiti Table
The Graffiti dynamic is a three dimensional canvas which moves through the space between the floor i...
350 Album Covers
A collection of remarkable album cover art from the nineteen-fifties to the nineteen-seventies.
Contemporary bathroom design: Ryosuke Fukusada & Rui Pereira
Bug collection: The Bug collection aims to create a deeper connection between the bathroom area and ...
Scape by Oato: The Scape vases are shaped like little hills that transform flat surfaces into a land...
Stuck chair by Oato: We dissected an archetypical chair and rearranged the elements to make it look ...
Ricky Swallow: Objects
Australian artist Ricky Swallow, born 1974, holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College ...
Bicicleta Sem Freio
Douglas, Victor e Renato se conheceram no curso de Artes Visuais da Universidade Federal de Goiás. ...
Paris Street Art by Monsieur Qui
Eric Lacan aka monsieur Qui loves dogs, cats, brass bands and pasting big posters in the streets of ...
Wall painting project for a Cowork Space that links with environmental concerns
All my mural projects have in common the portuguese identity and connection to the history of the pl...
The house was just a cage, when embroidering, the portuguese woman wove the webs of silence - Lisbon, 2014
Mural : Urban Art Collaboration with EBANO Collective and GAU - Galeria de Arte Urbana Wall painting...
Nobody born tormented, the life entangles itself like hair - Lisbon, 2013
Mural : Urban Art Collaboration with GAU - Galeria de Arte Urbana Wall painting in the Psychiatri...
The legend of the Penha de França Lizard - Lisbon, 2012.
Mural / Urban Art - collaboration with GAU - Galeria de Arte Urbana Wall Painting that tells the sto...
Mathieu Tremblin
Mathieu Tremblin´s work is inspired by anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practices and expressi...
Davidson, Models
In the process of designing things you find your self cutting, sanding and gluing all manner of mate...
Ununiverse Nonothing
Graffiti calligraphy by Niels Shoe Meulman. He is born, raised and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlan...
Twentysix Gasoline Stations
"Twentysix Gasoline Stations" and "Junked Cars" by Iñaki Bergera. H received his Degree in Architec...
Lola Dupré
Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator working in the Alpujarra de la Sierra, Andalucía, S...
Finding the spot that frames
In this picture, the artist still desires to achieve an intimate relationship with the spectator, an...
Capital Cities Fashion
The extremely fashionable outfits and covers of the awesome band Capital Cities a.k.a Ryan Merchant ...
Italy vs Germany: Design Classics
Iconic design creations from Italy and Germany: Brionvega versus Braun, Fiat versus VW, Alfa Romeo v...
Street Art curated by the Collective
Street art going beyond the usual to explore more original forms of art interacting with the urban e...
Feral Child
paintings and street art by Feral Child.
The bears by Chad Hasegawa
Chad´s bear paintings - public art in San Francisco.
Social Benches and Connecting Views
Urban interventions by Jeppe Hein. Images from
Aarhus, Denmark: work by HuskMitNavn
Everyone likes Banksy
graffiti art
Basquiat sketches
Sketches by graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
52 Aces
by Zelxs
Jaques Carelman
Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables, 1969
James Joyce
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in Tel Aviv
in Tel Aviv
Blue Cat