The Graffiti Table
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The Graffiti dynamic is a three dimensional canvas which moves through the space between the floor it stands on and the glass surface above. A sculptural surface that can exist as a jutting form in its own right or as a piece of modern urban architecture ready for the work of a graffiti artist, in this instance, the work of Danish artist Frederik Hesseldahl . The Graffiti table is both chaotic and systematic in its formulation and deliberate and cutting edge in its execution. Both the form and the applied artwork change and turn with every step around the table, It is never the same object twice.
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Graffiti Table designed by Charlie Davidson with artwork by Frederik Hasseldahl.
The Graffiti Table is made from folded 3.5mm lasercut steel with a printed vinyl wraparound design.
Frederik Hasseldahl reworked one his paintings titled 'The rise of the phoenix' to wrap around Davidson metal work.
Detail of the 'The rise of the phoenix' 'Gundam' motive
Net shape of the printed vinyl artwork.
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