Animated Self-Portrait
& collect
A fun .gif avatar experiment
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mathematics, the pattern, and the abstract
fascinating patterns, delivered as animated GIFs and programmed in Mathematica. Made by archery (ww...
Portraits, 2013. (C) Mario Gagliardi
GIFs! Collected and animated for your viewing pleasure.
More portraits
with that special expression.
searching that special expression
Missing pieces
Artwork by Mike Guppy
The penccils are alive
with the sound of animation
Subtle Moments
by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg
The flower of a word
Type a word, hit enter, click "make GIF", then download your animated word flower at https://marioga...
Woman. Black. White.
Black and white photos of charismatic women.
Gemstone Glump Animation
My first experiment in glumping in 3D and animating to boot.
In this work Andrea Alessio collects, as in an ancient bestiary, a series of animal images. The fore...
Faces of the 21st century
Images by Thomas Mailaender. « Mailaender’s forum and sphere of operations is less the art worl...
Faces of the 17th century
17th century Dutch portraits from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
Ramona Rosales Portraits
Photographer Ramona Rosales lives and works in Los Angeles.
Seventies Portraits
Beautiful black and white portraits from the seventies.
a collection on the making of images.
Samuel Bradley Photography
Samuel is based in London. He received his BA in photography from UCA Farnham in 2012 where he speci...
Adrien Toubiana
Photographer Adrien Toubiana lives and works in Paris.
Fabien Dumas
Photographer Fabien Dumas is based in Paris.
Norman Seeff: Portraits
Norman Seeff was born 1939 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated at King Edward VII School in ...
The Nineties
Michel Comte was born 1954 in Zurich, Switzerland. The professionally trained art restorer approache...
Bill Burr by Koury Angelo
KOURY ANGELO is a Rock & Roll and Portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He received his BF...
Summer by Arcimboldo
Call him creative, whimsical, or deranged. Milanese painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a stained-glass ...
Stefano Zagaglia
Stefano Zagaglia's figurative, almost hyper-realistic wildlife portraits require on average a month...
Working together since 1986, the Dutch partnership Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin rose to ...
CMD ALT M: Emilio Gomariz
New work by Spanish digital artist Emilio Gomariz.
Portraits by Akatre
Akatre a été fondé en 2007, à Paris, par Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert et Sébastien Riveron. L...
100 more portraits
100 more portraits by Charles Burns.
100 Portraits
100 contemporary portraits by legendary American cartoonist Charles Burns.
Huang Qingjun 黄庆军
Huang Qingjun: "Family Stuff"
an eye-popping collection of animated follies and optical illusions.
Illustrations by Robin Davey. Robin Davey is a freelance illustrator, animator, designer, and direct...
Our animated selections for summer 2013.
Liquid graphics
Artwork by Ruslan Khasanov. Born 1987, Ruslan studied at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and ...
Further Abstract
Further Abstract is the title of a series of GIF animations by Alma Alloro. A triangle, a square an...
Fascinating animated images by Istanbul-based visual artist Erdal Inci. Erdal is currently available...
Nearly forgotten as a graphic format, discovered again as art form: GIF art by Yoshi Sodeoka.
Animated architecture
Animated pixel constructions by Malgosia Woznica a.k.a. V5mt.
portraits of cooks by Benjamin Schmuck.
A collection of shots of faces found in penccil.
Pixel sculptures
Gif animations and development sketches by Mathew Lucas, young designer with an emphasis on typograp...
One GIF at a time
GIFs and JPGs by Zoe Burnett. A citizen of the Internet, making the world a better place, one GIF at...
A creature of habit
and other works of graphic design, static and animated, by Skip Dolphin Hursh.
portrait photography by Johnny Tergo.
Mise en Scene
Madrid, Spain: Photography by Eugenio Recuenco.
Lisette Model
a master of character photography
In Your Face
The Ann and Graham Gund Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston shows Mario Testino: In Your Fa...
Irving Penn
Irving Penn (1917-2009) is regarded as one of the leading photographers of our time. Erving Penn: Un...