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experiments with the image synth
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the settings for this pattern, then I switched the color checkbox on and off while the sturcture was growing.
Naoya Hatakeyama was born in 1958 in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Hatakeyama, a student of Kiyoji Otsuji...
私たちは Continuous Design
邵 年 Shao Nian
Graphic designer Shao Nian, born 1993, is co-founder of Orgasm studio and owner of slow salon. He li...
TAKEO 竹尾纸张展
余剑兄从日本传来最新的展览资讯-TAKEO 竹尾纸张展,一家日本老牌的纸品制...
sound pen
REC & PLAY is a collaborative project between Oscar Diaz and Yuri Suzuki. The project consists of t...
Handmade Cafe
Our challenge was to get everybody involved in the making of this cafe in Numazu, Shizuoka. It is u...
In this renovation project we have refurbished an apartment block that was built in the post war per...
A renovation project of a room in a 30-year old apartment building in the Maruyama-cho area in Shibu...
We renovated the old steel building, originally used as a factory / office, into a workspace for an ...
This rice shop is located on a modest-sized shopping street spanning 300 meters between the main sho...
S&O design
S&O design was established by product designer Hisakazu Shimizu and design director Eizo Okada in 20...
Samuel Wilkinson
Samuel Wilkinson graduated in furniture and related product design at Ravensboure College of Art & D...
Ami Izaki is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Aichi, Japan currently based in Stockholm. ...
X- Rays
Brendan Fitzpatrick is a commercial photographer specialising in advertising and lifestyle photograp...
Leandro Castelao
Leandro Castelao is a graphic artist born in Buenos Aires. He is currently living and working in Bro...
Katsuya · Oppenheim · Starck
Julien Oppenheim: photos for the restaurant Katsuya in Los Angeles by Philippe Starck.
Charles & Ray
Black-and white photos of the most famous couple in industrial design: The architect Charles and the...
Wishlist: Christmas gifts for gentlemen with style
My suggestions!
Maiko Takeda & 이재형
Fashion by Maiko Takeda & Jae Hyung Lee.
made in 2 minutes with penccil 3D
Liquid graphics
Artwork by Ruslan Khasanov. Born 1987, Ruslan studied at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and ...
Broken Time Machines
Text and images by Alex Varanese.
A Bridge
Lingzidi Bridge by Rural Urban Framework
Back to the basics
Small Core House in Ochiaigawa by UNIT-O (YONEDA MASAHIRO)
Nearly forgotten as a graphic format, discovered again as art form: GIF art by Yoshi Sodeoka.
The future of hospitality today: Affordable lodging in the atmosphere of an artist´s home in Firenz...
Tsuneaki Hiramatsu photographs fireflies in the Japanese countryside.
House in Setagaya
Tokyo, Japan: Residential home "Breeze" in Setagaya, a district of Tokyo, designed by Artechnic arch...
Ryuji Nakamura
The work of Ryuji Nakamura maybe not architecture in strict sense, but leightweight
Nobusama Takahashi
a selection of Nobusama´s work and his illustrations for Manuel Tardits’ new book Tokyo: Portrai...
Industrial dining
Industrial aesthetics and fine dining meet in The Netherlands: Restaurant Mercat by Concrete Archite...