The Armchair sessions
& collect
various alterations of an armchair model imported to penccil 3D at
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by Yuko Shimizu
Sketch amplified and inspired by Max Ernst and Lascaux
Fashion by Hailey Chan
fashion design by Hailey Chan. Hailey studied in Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and lives in Shangha...
Logo creations
from Unicerebral
Sports cars
A small collection of cars I´d like to have :)
Absolut Art Celebration
In October 2009 Absolut Vodka celebrated 30 years of creative collaborations.
Fish house
living by the water by Guz Architects.
3D Typography
rendered letters
The penccils are alive
with the sound of animation
Imagined Ideals
Architectural Graphics by Manabe
Surreal Sceneries
Graphics by Bengt Bockman
Art by Liam Stevens
inspiring lamps by Orsina Sforza.
Thomas Feichtner
and its dependencies
Paper Please (Pleats, Please)
Art Cut in Paper
Surreal Sceneries
Art by Imagination
Retro Brands
Old Logotypes from Germany.
Gemstone Glump Animation
My first experiment in glumping in 3D and animating to boot.
Bob Noorda
Bob Noorda was one of the most international Italian graphic designers. He created iconic covers for...
The medium is the message
World records: a tribute to ana­log acoustic art by Kai Schäfer. The great albums in music history...
Peak Oil
"I create sculptures based on sublime moments. These are moments that fill a person with amazement, ...
Jason Munn
Jason Munn (1975) grew up in Neenah, Wisconsin, but now calls Oakland, California home. He began mak...
Matteo Imbriani: Italian Interior
Innamorato della fotografia fin da quando era un adolescente, Matteo Imbriani (Milano, 1980) e cresc...
Sergio Mora
Sergio Mora was born in Barcelona in 1975 and studied at La Llotja. He lives and works in Barcelona....
Jehs + Laub
Jehs + Laub are Markus Jehs (born in 1965 in Stuttgart) and Jürgen Laub ( born in 1964 in Ulm). The...
Out My Window
Gail Albert Halaban was born 1970 in Washington DC. She studied at Yale University, Brown University...
Austin Irving: Windows
Born and raised in New York City, Austin Irving is a large format color photographer. She graduated ...
Collages by Bryan Olson
Collage artist and musician Bryan Olson is based in North Carolina.
Candas Sisman: Macrocosm
Candas Sisman(1985, Izmir) studied fine arts in Izmir Anadolu High School for Fine Arts and graduate...
Diamonds Aren't Forever
Declining yields of diamond ore in the mining areas of the Diamond Coast of South Africa and Namibia...
Edward Zajec: Creative Participation
"I turned to the use of computers in 1968. At that time I was experimenting with redundancy in my pa...
Markku Lahdesmaki: Power Plant
Markku Lahdesmaki was born in Finland. He was eight years of age when his uncle gave him a simple ca...
Christian Montenegro: Illustrations
Anouchka Potdevin
Depuis 2003, Anouchka Potdevin crée du mobilier et des objets basés sur la récupération et le re...
Johann Sebastian Bach in a Sphere
"Sphere Packing" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a series of 3D-printed pieces designed to concentrate th...
Design in use with Bello, a popular font by Underware. The worst designs happen when an offering is ...
The Art of Chris Ware
Franklin Christenson Ware: Born 1967 in Omaha, Ware explores the contemporary Conditio Humana in Ame...
an eye-popping collection of animated follies and optical illusions.
Open 24 Hours - A Gallery of Neon Signs
“For a brief period of time the American electric-sign industry looked beyond its most immediate m...
butter knife
Art by Derek Paul Boyle.
iPad Drawings by Daniel Mercadante.
Design by Pepe Heykoop.
3d creations
Imported OBJ files for editing in penccil Create
New contemporary art
A collection of new paintings and artwork at Viennafair.
made in 2 minutes with penccil 3D
First tests with the penccil 3D editor
Images from the legendary fashion house from Florence, Italy.
Vienna Shop Windows
Wacky and wonderful shop windows, old shop signs and Prater gaming machines from Vienna, photographe...
Route 101
US route 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. See COLLAB mode for place marks.
Fashion to make an impression: creations by fashion designers Arzu Kaprol from Turkey and Winde Rien...
Infographics History: Drawing Knowledge
Aluminum chair, lamp and table and glass side tables by Sebastian Scherer.
DVDRIP is the photographic representation of the corruption of digital information that happens duri...
Fetched images with backgrounds from penccil, worked over in penccil and fetched again.
Mountain style
Wiesergut Hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria, designed by Gogl und Partner. Dolomitenblick Hote...
Lost and Found
Intriguing geometric collages made from materials found in demolition sites by Aaron S Moran, www.aa...
Wrinkled, folded and crinkled design: Lamp "Like Paper" by Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung, chair...
Travel House
A project by Peoples Architecture Office in Beijing.
New York Moon
Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk), b.1988, Kharkov, Ukraine. Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Images...