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First tests with the penccil 3D editor
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Trends in audio design
Plug-n-play, retro, and transparent are the three main design trends in product design for contempor...
Nomad Gear
Essential gear for the modern nomad: The X-table, designed by KiBiSi for Holmris. The Renault Twizy....
architecture notes
The Cakeland concept began in about 2005. Experimenting with new media, especially decorative media ...
48 hours in Doha
photographic impressions from Doha, Qatar.
Illustrations from Variae Architecturae Formae by Jan Vredeman de Vries, published by Theodoor Galle...
Matt Taylor
Brighton, UK: Book covers and illustrations by Matt Taylor. www.matttaylor.co.uk.
Babel by Athanasius Kircher
Illustrations from Athanasius Kircher´s "Turris Babel". Kircher was an early scientist and renaissa...
Coats of Arms
A collection of 44 beautiful French coats of arms from "Noveau livre de different cartouches couronn...
Harpels Typograph
Amazing type specimens from Harpel´s Typograph, 1870. The Hi-rez images are 2039 by 3389 pixels.
La Tallera
Cuernavaca, Mexico: Cultural center La Tallera Siqueiros, designed by Frida Escobedo Studio.
Playbills and covers of the legendary New York theater magazine Playbill.
London, UK: Collages by Anthony Gerace. www.a-gerace.com Anthony Gerace lives and works in London. H...
The penccil snapshot tool
You can do amazing things with just two clicks. The penccil snapshot tool is in your tool palette in...
Penccil art
Sculptures made of pencils by Lionel Bawden and sculptures made from pencil lead by Peter Trevelyan....
Space Colony
Mountain View, CA: NASA 1970´s space colony studies. Image credit Nasa Ames Research Center.
Cold War Future
Science Fiction movie posters from the cold war era.
GM Belly Tank
Detroit: General Motors designed the Belly Tank to demonstrate the versatility of the Ecotec 2,0 lit...
The Tour de London
London, UK: Tower ideas are around since Babylonian times. Behold the amazing entries to a 1890 comp...
Thai Truck Art: The Amazing Batmobile
Bangkok: An old Thai truck made into to a mobile sculpture
made with the image synthesizer.
The future of design in wood is bright and in Asia. Pictures by Utopia from Guangzhou and Seung Yon...
Susan Kare
and her legendary Apple icons.
Vintage Campari Posters
I am an avid fan of vintage posters. They are just so delightful to look at! During my recent trip t...
of speed
penccil : creativity front, back, and center
what penccil is, what penccil does, and how it does it. A presentation about penccil.
3D Typography
rendered letters
Galleria Campari
Fortunato Depero, Leonetto Cappiello and Bruno Munari worked for the Campari brand.
A convent in Spain remade by David Closes.
Exploring the aesthetics of cameras: devices to convert moments into memories.
Ideas to sit on
Martin Haldane and others
On the Edge of the Universe
Branded Environments
in Las Vegas
Concrete textures
Stories without words
penccil: This was 2017
The penccil year in review is a project selection for 2017, this year curated by Mario Gagliardi. Se...
The extension of the Villa Planta, which will accommodate the Bündner Kunstmuseum, is an exercise o...
penccil gifs
gifs from penccil projects.
Chromatic seating
3 colorful seats by 3 Italian designers: Giancarlo Zema graduated from the Faculty of Architecture o...
Jeff Zimmerman
Jeff Zimmermann is a Chicago based artist. Born in Kentucky, Zimmerman spent his childhood among nat...
What Is A Simulation?
What is a simulation? It is a private game we devise when the aliveness of a situation is too comple...
Michael Schoner
Michael Schoner develops 3D and 2D designs in different scales varying from architecture and interio...
Books of Memory: Gianpaolo Pagni
Gianpaolo Pagni creates unique, printed, painted or stamped books. His work focuses around memory an...
Sky Walk
The Dolní Morava tower Sky Walk by Zdenek Franek is a conceptual building, and it offers visitors ...
Akiko Masunaga
マスナガデザイン部/Art director/Designer/O型/乙女座
Things which inspire me https://soundcloud.com/myrne/architect https://vimeo.com/173541384
Palmyra, End of March, 2016
Palmyra. City of Mesopotamia, city of the Phoenicians, of the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Persians, a...
Luigi Colani
Colani studied sculpture and painting at the Academy of Arts, Berlin and aerodynamics at the Sorbonn...
Color constructions
The work of Krijn de Koning interrupts the environment by adding sculptural, architectural and colou...
Sketching: Bellini, Castiglioni, Colombo, Mari, Magistretti, Munari, Ponti, Sottsass
The essence of a classic design is best seen in its very first sketch. A unique selection of sketche...
Gemstone Glump Animation
My first experiment in glumping in 3D and animating to boot.
Pencil Factory
Pictures from the Caran D´ache pencil factory by Greg White. Born in East York­shire in 1978, Greg...
New Patterns
my new patterns
Brutalist impressions
made with grab to curate.
penccil pencil
Capturing the beauty of the penccil.
A digital ecosystem for illustrated books
mg strategy : presentation to Thames & Hudson : December 11th, 2014
Publishing Innovation
The ecosystem
penccil: The Museum View
We can´t get enough of our new Museum View! It automatically creates a passe-partout for each image...
Johann Sebastian Bach in a Sphere
"Sphere Packing" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a series of 3D-printed pieces designed to concentrate th...
Vague Affinities
Generative art by Giuseppe Randazzo. Guiseppe lives and works in Torino.
Roots by Giorgio Bonaguro
The Roots vases are ambivalent objects that want to combine simple lines with an iconic shape: an ou...
Preselection Works
Testing again
Type specimens from Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders, Etc by the William H. Page wood type ...
Karson and Mary Shadley, Shape SF: Design is powerful. Harness that power and you can shape the worl...
Happy New Year! Sketches made with the penccil sketch amplifier.
Creative Watchlist
Filmmakers, fashion designers, product designers, artists: Creative people to watch.
Fashion Monster - My selections
my selections for Fashion Monster
3d creations
Imported OBJ files for editing in penccil Create
The Armchair sessions
various alterations of an armchair model imported to penccil 3D at https://www.penccil.com/Create/
made in 2 minutes with penccil 3D
Penccil crafts by Dalton M. Ghetti, www.daltonmghetti.com
360 degrees Vienna
Panoramic images from Vienna, Austria.
Interiors from the Royal Museum of Furniture (Hofmobiliendepot) in Vienna, plus sweets from Konditor...
image synthesizer patterns
Toolbox - Image synthesizer