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Catherine Losing is a photographer based in the UK.
Selected Clients: British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Miss Vogue, Wonderland, Topshop, The Times, The Independent, M&S, The Guardian, Tatler, The Gourmand, Riposte Magazine, British Fashion Council.
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Scum Pixel
'Scum' refers to a foamy layer or mass that forms on the surface of liquid when it is boiled or ferm...
Julian Opie studied at Goldsmiths´ College (1979-82) under Michael Craig-Martin, for whom he briefl...
Dessislava Dobreva Terzieva: Nature vs. Nurture
Collages by Dessislava Dobreva Terzieva, a Bulgarian born, Detroit based artist.
Andrey and Shay
Andrey and Shay are two young industrial designers from Tel Aviv, focusing on the know-how behind pr...
Wang Luyan 王鲁炎
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Frédéric Lebain
Typographic works by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach. Tauba works in a wide variety of media in...
Alpha Cruxis: AW/14
Alpha Cruxis is a Berlin-based accessory label founded in 2013 by Australian designer Rebecca Martin...
Titania Inglis
Titania studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and the Fashion Institute of Technology, and apprenticed...
work by Mike McQuade from Chicago.
Love Laboratory
Cover designs for a mock series of novellas with a target group in mind.