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penccil: Mediterranean Impressions
Mediterranean Impressions
& collect
from a boat trip in Adriatic Sea in 2012
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Mediterranean Impressions
the ship
AI Wave
AI image
Mixed Technique
Construction of boat hull
made by me at the CFPArts school in Geneva
Hoi An
Ancient Town in Vietnam and South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century 2...
Palmyra, End of March, 2016
Palmyra. City of Mesopotamia, city of the Phoenicians, of the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Persians, a...
Air Luxe
Lavish food offerings and smiling stewardesses in fashionable outfits in economy class, upper deck p...
The Long River
Nadav Kander came to China several times in 2005 to 2007, visited 186 cities and traveled along the ...
Happy days in the town of Muhamma, Kerala, India. Images (C) Mario Gagliardi 2014.
Christophe Urbain: New Orleans
Photographer Christophe Urbain from Strasbourg is an autodidact with a background in informatics. Af...
Haubitz+Zoche: Movie Theatres
"In three journeys between 2010 and 2013 we have photographed movie theatres from the ‘Thirties to...
Emily Blincoe: Texas
Emily Blincoe was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She finds inspiration in faces, shapes, colors,...
fotoform: subjective photography
The photographic experiments of the Surrealists and the Bauhaus Group had been interrupted by World ...
Tom Blachford: Havana
Tom Blachford, photographer from Melbourne, travels to Cuba.
Photography by Tom Blachford, Melbourne, Australia.
New York
Ron Gessel: I studied graphic design in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I started my career as an art dire...
Postcards from Egypt 1912
A group of seventy-six persons in 1912 at Easter set out on a tour of Egypt with Ludwig Koessler, th...
Tourism Posters
a collection of inspiring travel posters.
Danxia 丹霞地貌
Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China. The Danxia landform is a unique petrographic geomorphology, f...
Martin Bruno
Martin Bruno is a photographer based in Paris. He exhibited in Clic gallery, New York and in Philipp...
Abbazia was one of the favorite winter destinations amongst Vienna´s wealthy and famous. Known as t...
Turner & the Sea
This beautifully illustrated book brings together many of Turner’s most celebrated seascapes, from...
Going far away in style and comfort
A selection of illustrations about travel and transportation from the fifties, including L´hydravio...
Folding boat
smart product design by Arno Maties.
360 degrees Vienna
Panoramic images from Vienna, Austria.
Photographer Jolan Kieschke travels Spain, Greece and Kyrgyzstan.
Air routes, 1920
Air routes from 1920, when all air travel was memorable. You could, in theory, get in 28 hours acros...
a collection of animated GIFs to look at while listening to good music.
Mazinger dreams of Robots
Robots by Morishita, spaceships by Joao Ribeiro, Tyler West, Tuomas Korpi, David Kang and others, ci...
Thai Truck Art: The Amazing Batmobile
Bangkok: An old Thai truck made into to a mobile sculpture
Interior 2011
Interior design in Paris
Liquid Logo
a work in progress
Tom the cat says
The Art of Japanese Food
color. taste. composition. sheer yumminess.
Geometric compositions
The beginnings of an idea