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December 11th, 2014
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who we are
mg strategy is a hybrid strategy consultancy and design firm.
Our work style: teamwork...
...and collaboration in shared spaces.
Depending at the task at hand, we assemble the right interdisciplinary team from our network.
We work with the web since 1999. 12 years ago, we created the e-learning ecosystem for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education.
The ecosystem boosted e-learning participation in Austrian schools from below 10% to over 90% within 5 years.
Our showcase product: penccil.com is a free community-curated platform for visual culture with realtime co-creation features.
penccil users share visual culture content they find relevant.
penccil's analytics engine gathers a lot of valuable knowledge.
Engagement analysis
penccil processes big data to analyze which visual content is most sought after: colors, styles, artists, designers.
penccil color analytics creates realtime charts of currently most trending colors.
Online is increasingly important: Online and mobile have overtaken all other media for mindshare in 2013.
Consumers increasingly seek new, immersive digital experiences in which they control the action. (Accenture Communication, Media and Technology Digital Consumer Survey 2014)
The next big thing: Wearable devices - Online gets closer to your body.
Self and Indie publishing is up and coming, but fragmented with many similar offerings competing mainly on price and breadth of distribution.
3rd party sites might not be the best bet: Issuu, an online catalog display service, shows T&H catalogues together with the most important competition: Rizzoli, Phaidon, Taschen etc., potentially leading customers away.
Crowdfunding sites also show when projects do not succeed...
We think that 3rd party sites make for a disconnected customer experience not supportive of the integrity of a premium brand.
Online books sales are increasing. (Nielsen Research)
Amazon dominates online book sales. (Nielsen Research)
How to profit from Amazon's reach without allowing it to destroy margins?
We propose to get creative with formats, co-marketing and release schedules. For example: The perfume book with a customized cover and smell pads, co-marketed with a cosmetics firm.
But how do we know which content, format and schedule work best? Right now, publishers know little about who reads their books.
When we add a layer of engagement, we also create the data required to build in-depth user profiles.
An integrated platform records consumer actions and builds profiles for books and their readers.
Finally, each publishing product is connected with ever-expanding knowledge about its users: Browsing behaviour, purchasing behaviour, pledging behavior, preferred communities, preferred titles...
BCG, October 2014: Big-data leaders generate 12 percent higher revenues than those who do not experiment with big data. Strong innovators leverage digital technology to enhance their value proposition or improve operations by a margin of 79 percent to 26 percent.
Instead of disconnected online experiences on 3rd party sites we propose to build one seamless, branded experience for browsing, buying, crowdfunding, creating and building communities around books.
Browsing and purchasing
Commenting and connecting to peers
One experience on different devices
Downloading to devices and hooking up to social networks with one click: "Just bought the fabulous "400 Designers" by Thames and Hudson!"
Crowdfunding: Pledging for books as a seamless experience within browsing, commenting and connecting.
A video statement by the prospective book author.
Creating or customizing your book is a seamless experience.
Personalized covers and pages: Our idea to differentiate T&H from its competition and to make its products more personal.
Graphics algorithms generate infinite variations of a theme.
With built-in graphics algorithms, customers need only one click to make a unique, customized cover fitting to its content. The customized graphics are automatically assigned to the order and sent online to a digital print facility, where the cover is printed out in minutes.
Browsing, buying, funding, communicating, connecting, customizing, creating:
One seamless experience.
Thank you!
London, UK: Collages by Anthony Gerace. www.a-gerace.com Anthony Gerace lives and works in London. H...
Space Colony
Mountain View, CA: NASA 1970´s space colony studies. Image credit Nasa Ames Research Center.
Cold War Future
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GM Belly Tank
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The Tour de London
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Thai Truck Art: The Amazing Batmobile
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マスナガデザイン部/Art director/Designer/O型/乙女座
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New Patterns
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Brutalist impressions
made with grab to curate.
penccil pencil
Capturing the beauty of the penccil.
Publishing Innovation
The ecosystem
Vague Affinities
Generative art by Giuseppe Randazzo. Guiseppe lives and works in Torino.
Roots by Giorgio Bonaguro
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Preselection Works
Testing again
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Creative Watchlist
Filmmakers, fashion designers, product designers, artists: Creative people to watch.
Fashion Monster - My selections
my selections for Fashion Monster
First tests with the penccil 3D editor
360 degrees Vienna
Panoramic images from Vienna, Austria.
Interiors from the Royal Museum of Furniture (Hofmobiliendepot) in Vienna, plus sweets from Konditor...
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Matt Taylor
Brighton, UK: Book covers and illustrations by Matt Taylor. www.matttaylor.co.uk.
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Coats of Arms
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Harpels Typograph
Amazing type specimens from Harpel´s Typograph, 1870. The Hi-rez images are 2039 by 3389 pixels.
La Tallera
Cuernavaca, Mexico: Cultural center La Tallera Siqueiros, designed by Frida Escobedo Studio.