Untitled I (Without a House)
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Digital photography & manipulation on paper.
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Untitled I: 0009
Untitled I: 0008
Untitled I: 0007
Untitled I: 0006
Untitled I: 0005
Untitled I: 0004
Untitled I: 0003
Untitled I: 0002
Untitled I: 0001
Markers of My Decomposing Systems
Mixed media, pigment, graphite, & digital print on paper.
Untitled II (A House Subjected to Bombing)
Digital photography & manipulation on paper.
Bones, Stones, Sticks, & Stones
Digital photography and manipulation on paper.
I See Violence in Your Eyes (I-VIII)
Pigment, graphite, charcoal, & mixed media on paper.
The Destroyer Doors
Pigment, mold, graphite, and mixed media on paper.
Trajectories of the Lost, Fallen, Forgotten, and Most Unclean
Ink, graphite, pigment, & mixed media on paper.