Trajectories of the Lost, Fallen, Forgotten, and Most Unclean
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Ink, graphite, pigment, & mixed media on paper.
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Fallen Angel Impact Crater 001
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 002
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 003
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 004
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 005
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 006
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 007
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 008
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 009
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 010
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 011
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 012
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 013
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 014
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 015
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 016
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 017
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 018
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 019
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 020
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 021
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 022
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 023
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 024
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 025
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 026
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 027
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 028
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 029
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 030
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 031
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 032
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 033
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 034
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 035
Fallen Angel Impact Crater 036
Dürer - Observer of Nature
Master print-maker, draftsman, and the Renaissance man from Germany, Albrecht Dürer was a keen obse...
Kinetic Sculptures by Alexander Calder
Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated inventors of modern sculpture, Alexander Calder (1898-1976) i...
David Shrigley Drawings
Shrigley’s approach is reminiscent of that of children who expose both the funny and the terrible ...
Heeseop Yoon
My work deals with memory and perception within cluttered spaces. I begin by photographing interiors...
Happy New Year! Sketches made with the penccil sketch amplifier.
iPad Drawings by Daniel Mercadante.
penccil and paper
Sketches by Alessandro Diddi, artist from Male, Italy.
sketching contemporary space
Architectural drawings by Klara Ostaniewicz, architect from Warsaw, Poland. http://klarysunki.blogsp...
Bewegten Bildes
Graphic identity for the B3 Biennale des bewegten Bildes (Moving Image Biennial) in Frankfurt/Main.
haunting work by Mircea Popescu. Mircea lives and works in Timisoara, Romania.
Antwerp is sketching
The European region around Antwerp is a hotbed of graphic design talent. Here is a giant selection o...
Günter Brus Draws with Friends
Collaborative Bild-dichtungen, or picture poems. Image courtesy: BRUSEUM - Neue Galerie Graz.
High Renaissance
The Italian Renaissance was what Jonah Lehrer calls "The Age of Excess Genius." All images courtesy:...
Drawing machine
Projects by Danish artist Eske Rex: Drawing machine, Black Blue Red Green, Fibonacci Series, Blue to...
Views of the other side
The paintings, drawings and and sketchbook pages by Alessandro Keegan take us to to imagined landsca...
Contemporary Pencil Sketches
Pencil on paper has a brilliant renaissance with these drawings by contemporary artists: Marco Mazzo...
Inventing Abstraction, 1910-1925
The Museum of Modern Art explores development of one of Modernism´s greatest inventions: Abstractio...
James Jean: Sketches
Phantasmic sketches by artist James Jean. James lives and works in Santa Monica. Check out his websi...
This series by Mathew Borrett is a great inspiration for my work as theatre designer.
Art by Liam Stevens
Tree Calligraphy
The fingers of the Ents splayed out reaching to connect with all who listen and feel.
The Frenchness of Russian Art: Montaigne and Death
"The Frenchness of Russian Art: Montaigne and Death" 105 NY-110, Melville, NY 11747 September 13, 1...
expansion series
“Chaos and Catastrophe unbound, worlds formed thrust together, Colour and light rebounded, befor...
All the Colour Drained Away
On days that the wind blows hard the leaves all seem to align the same way, the clouds roll in and t...
The painted house
These experimental structures have been created by combining design processes of architecture and gr...
Discs and Plates
Swirls of colour, lines, spots, imaginary layers of depth brought out into the light by transparency...
Gin is the Thing
While searching for inspiration for sculpture, a friend was talking about the ideal glass for drinki...
71 views of the magic mountain
In the days of the first lockdown I started making these drawings, remotely inspired by Hokusai´s "...
Markers of My Decomposing Systems
Mixed media, pigment, graphite, & digital print on paper.
Untitled II (A House Subjected to Bombing)
Digital photography & manipulation on paper.
Untitled I (Without a House)
Digital photography & manipulation on paper.
Bones, Stones, Sticks, & Stones
Digital photography and manipulation on paper.
I See Violence in Your Eyes (I-VIII)
Pigment, graphite, charcoal, & mixed media on paper.
The Destroyer Doors
Pigment, mold, graphite, and mixed media on paper.
Writing & Design
SQT..or Not. Book. Writer and Illustrator, Ted Wells.
ARCHITETTURA ANALOG(IC)A massimo gasperini
MASSIMO GASPERINI_(Pisa, 1971) architect and researcher in the Representation Sciences, former lectu...
Microscopes of utopia
This are some of landscapes spaces of nowhere with spaces inside
Andy Warhol: Endangered Species
In 1983, Andy Warhol expressed his love for animals and his concern for the environment in a series ...
reversed silhouettes
Courtesans, Heroes, Stars and Phantoms - In the early seventeenth century, Edo, which was the bigges...
Jewelry Design Art
Jewelry Art design pattern inspired from nonlinear dynamics. Drawings collection about fluid flows...
Universality of the Vortex-Sphere Archetype
The Universality of the Vortex-Sphere Archetype - Code nature sign language Following the entire pr...
“I have always loathed the material and have always sought the immaterial” Dadamaino (Emilia Edo...
Sketching: Bellini, Castiglioni, Colombo, Mari, Magistretti, Munari, Ponti, Sottsass
The essence of a classic design is best seen in its very first sketch. A unique selection of sketche...
Guiseppe Galli da Bibiena
Guiseppe Galli da Bibiena (Parma, 1696-Berlin, 1756) was painter, draftsman, event and theatre desig...
Hans Poelzig: Architecture as Gesamtkunstwerk
Architect Hans Poelzig (1869 – 1936) was an eclectic visionary. He worked with sculptural effects,...
Totems: Yggdrasil
“Yggdrasil” (?) este es el nombre en los pueblos nórdicos y los pueblos selváticos que indica ...
Kukulkán Tattoo
"El arte dionisíaco, en cambio, descansa en el juego con la embriaguez, con el éxtasis. Dos podere...
Modigliani: Your real duty is to save your dream
"What I am searching for is neither the real nor the unreal, but the subconscious, the mystery of wh...
The Art of Writing. The Rebirth of the Ogatsu Inkstone
The inkstone industry of Ogatsu, in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture once accounted for 90% of the...
Frank Stella: Radical Abstraction
In 1959, a newcomer in his early twenties takes New York’s art scene by storm: the American Frank ...
Voyager avec un crayon: Jacques de Loustal
À la fin des années 70, alors étudiant en architecture, il commence à publier des illustrations ...
Igort Tuveri
Igort Tuveri (Igort) was born in Sardinia in 1958. His first stories were published in the magazine ...
Master of Fantastic Illustration: Daniel Mróz
Daniel Mróz (1917-1993) was a Polish illustrator whose unique style influenced several generations ...
Emerging trends
penccil allows deep insights into what is happening in worldwide creative industries. We have select...
Ren Han 任瀚
Ren Han (1984 Tianjin, China) lives and works in Tianjin. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts Tianjin...
Nagtzaam makes drawings. Using graphite and the occasional colored pencil, he works primarily in bla...
Hugh Ferriss
Hugh Ferriss was trained as an architect at Washington University in his native St. Louis, Missouri....
fotoform: subjective photography
The photographic experiments of the Surrealists and the Bauhaus Group had been interrupted by World ...