I See Violence in Your Eyes (I-VIII)
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Pigment, graphite, charcoal, & mixed media on paper.
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Threats of You I
Threats of You II
Threats of You III
Threats of You IV
Threats of You V
Threats of You VI
Threats of You VII
Threats of You VIII
Markers of My Decomposing Systems
Untitled II (A House Subjected to Bombing)
Untitled I (Without a House)
Bones, Stones, Sticks, & Stones
The Destroyer Doors
Trajectories of the Lost, Fallen, Forgotten, and Most Unclean
Pieter Bruegel
Writing & Design
The Joys of Ice Skating
ARCHITETTURA ANALOG(IC)A massimo gasperini
Franz Kline
New Generation
“I perhaps owe it to flowers that I became a painter.”
German Art since 1960
Microscopes of utopia
Andy Warhol: Endangered Species
reversed silhouettes
Jewelry Design Art
Universality of the Vortex-Sphere Archetype
Raymundo Colares
Sketching: Bellini, Castiglioni, Colombo, Mari, Magistretti, Munari, Ponti, Sottsass
Impressionist Gardens
Still Life Monkeys
Damien Coupeté images
German Painting after the 1960s
Guiseppe Galli da Bibiena
The Slave Ship
The Sea by Emil Nolde
Forward Retreat
Pavel Tchelitchew: Spiral head
Fernando Botero
Hans Poelzig: Architecture as Gesamtkunstwerk
Sebastian Stoskopff the Painter of Vessels
Jean Arp: Randomness
Heaven & Hell
Ben Weiner: Post-Psychedelic Dreams
More cats in art
Heinrich Hoerle, Franz Wilhelm Seiwert and Anton Raederscheidt
American Modern Paintings at Sotheby´s
Modigliani: Your real duty is to save your dream
The Art of Writing. The Rebirth of the Ogatsu Inkstone
Frank Stella: Radical Abstraction
Gordon Walters: Koru
Monet and the Birth of Impressionism
Voyager avec un crayon: Jacques de Loustal
Igort Tuveri
Richard Estes´ New York
Master of Fantastic Illustration: Daniel Mróz
Herb Aach: Color Theory
The Bean King
Diego Velázquez
Gianfranco Pardi
Enrico Castellani: Superficie
A Happy and Abundant New Year
Emerging trends
Sigrid Sandstrom
William Glackens
Stuart Davis
Modern Masters at Albertina
Ren Han 任瀚
Masood Kamandy
Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The Speaker
Firework Drawings
The farmer continued to plough
German Pop
Hugh Ferriss
Cecil Touchon
Naum Gabo
Sergio Mora
Wataru Yamakami
Great Vitality
The Return of the Herd
Chair Art
Geometric Abstraction
Indolence in Art
William Turner
Hans Christiansen´s Jugendstil
Venice without Tourists
Pop Art 1960s
The Harvesters
Baroque Co-creation: Jan Brueghel I and Rubens
Cats in Art
Dürer - Observer of Nature