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The Silkworm poster
Wheeler sticker
The Lander Project
Wheeler decals for Wheelers stools
Wheeler stencil
The Lander Project postcard
The Graffiti Table
The Graffiti dynamic is a three dimensional canvas which moves through the space between the floor i...
The Object of desire, Sweet Jane
Charlie Davidson's latest piece of furniture is inspired by the form of a corseted woman. The piece ...
The Object of Desire, Sweet Jane
Charlie Davidson´s chaise lounge has been in development for the last 10 years. This month it will ...
Making a Cool Chair, Davidson
In 2009 I had this idea of making a rotationally molded outdoor lounge chair. From an economic point...
Charlie Davidson, Stoolies
I got a job working for LEGO as a toy designer quite by accident, I was supposed to be a furniture d...
Soderlund Davidson, Ceramics
Heal´s asked us to install our conveyor and ceramic pieces into their flagship store on Tottenham C...
Soderlund Davidson
The collaborative works of a Swedish girl and an Englishman, Bodil Söderlund and Charlie Davidson
Davidson, Models
In the process of designing things you find your self cutting, sanding and gluing all manner of mate...
Davidson, Furniture
Davidson´s work is hard to define, his work is inspired by materials, process, sketching and the th...
I carry a sketchbook with me where ever I go, I fill them up with ideas and details . Some of the i...
Charlie Davidson´s Lighting designs combine unusual materials, objects and a sometimes some science...