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I carry a sketchbook with me where ever I go, I fill them up with ideas and details . Some of the ideas take a left turn and get taken a little further. These are some them.
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Sketch for the Body
Sketch for LEGO
Metro Bench
Early sketch for The Object of Desire
Roller balls for a LEGO advert
The Object of Desire - Caged Beauty, early sketch
Silkworm Bench
Early Silkworm bench sketch
Early sketches for the Lander Chair
Sketch for the Body
Sketch for the Graffiti Table
Sketch for Sweet Bitch
Sketch for the Body
Sketch for Sweet Bitch
Sketch for the Body
Sketch for the Body
Sketch for the Body
Sketch for Caged Beauty
Sketch for the Body
Study for a small chair
Sketch concept for Honey
Study for an arm chair
Study for an arm chair
Concept for a park
Territorium: Ars - Techne-Krafts-Cosmovisión
Colección de imágenes que soportan investigación a nivel de postgrado: Maestría Estudios Territ...
S tables
modul for table
The shape of clouds
"Outside, the land stretches, empty, to the horizon; the sky opens, with speeding clouds. In the sha...
Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
Berlin born and –based designer Jerszy Seymour studied engineering at South Bank Polytechnic 1987 ...
serpentine 2017
exhibition, schauspiel köln, cologne. steelobjects, ceramic reliefs.
temporary accessible sculpture.
ideas to try,perhaps never!
Coffee maker
Visualization of the process of coffee making. The aim was not to use words.
Vico Magistretti
Vico Magistretti (1920 - 2006) studied in Lausanne and Milano. He was one of the main protagonists o...
Gaetano Pesce: Abstraction is boring
"Abstraction is boring and limited as a mode of expression. Reducing and reducing designs means that...
Jeff Zimmerman
Jeff Zimmermann is a Chicago based artist. Born in Kentucky, Zimmerman spent his childhood among nat...
Home Patterns
“Home Patterns” is a new series of patterns by Longstory, designed for printing on textiles, wal...
Michael Schoner
Michael Schoner develops 3D and 2D designs in different scales varying from architecture and interio...
Things which inspire me
Carlo Scarpa: Sketch and Work
There is hardly another architect of the 20th century in whose work the progression from sketch to c...
Andy Warhol: Endangered Species
In 1983, Andy Warhol expressed his love for animals and his concern for the environment in a series ...
Spatial Clusters
"Refined nature consists of evolved technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetic...
20th Century Italian Tables
A collection of 20th century Italian table designs.
Robert Slezak
A trained locksmith from Bystrice pod Hostýnem, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Robert Sl...
Poul Hundevad and the Guldhøj chair
The large barrow from the Bronze Age with the promising name of Guldhøj (Gold Hill) in Southern Jut...
Standing wave Sculpture
Standing wave morphology by Gabriel Kelemen 1995
Jewelry Design Art
Jewelry Art design pattern inspired from nonlinear dynamics. Drawings collection about fluid flows...
BASILE ARTECO "Coquetier" design Paolo Ulian
Jorge Zalszupin and L'Atelier
Jorge Zalszupin (b. 1922), a native of Warsaw, Poland, studied architecture at Bucharest's Ecole des...
Jindrich Halabala, United Arts and Crafts
Jindrich Halabala (May 24, 1903 Korycany - November 18, 1978 Brno) was a Czech furniture designer, w...
Jean Royère (1902-1981) worked in the import-export business before working for cabinetmaker Pierr...
Sketching: Bellini, Castiglioni, Colombo, Mari, Magistretti, Munari, Ponti, Sottsass
The essence of a classic design is best seen in its very first sketch. A unique selection of sketche...
AG Frozoni: We need to aim at essential things
“We need to aim at essential things, to remove every redundant effects, every useless flowering, t...
Angelo Mangiarotti
Angelo Mangiarotti was born in Milano in 1921. He graduated in Architecture in 1948 at Politecnico d...
Carlo Mollino: Tables and Chairs
Carlo Mollino (1905 - 1973) studied art history at the University of Ghent and architecture at the U...
Stelios Mousarris worked for Fosters and Partners as a modelmaker and for Duffylondon as an assistan...
Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol
Janine Abraham took classes at the Ecole Camondo, trained at Jean-René and Maxime Old Caillette, an...
German Painting after the 1960s
What is so 'German' about the art made by German painters and sculptors after the 1960s to now? The ...
Studio Pousti
Maryam Pousti, born 1983 in Tehran, studied at the Architectural Association. She worked for Zaha H...
Alessio Bassan
Alessio Bassan: born in 1962, I live and work in Thiene, Italy. Self-taught Designer, from almost im...
The Way Of The Light
Vasa Mihich studied at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Mihich has l...
FLOW by Lazerian
First impressions count for everything, a principle UK creative practice LAZERIAN responded to after...
Created by Jae Won Cho, AKA J1. J1 studio is a furniture design studio located in Los Angeles produc...
Bender Chair
The human body is not built for rigid sitting on a chair over an extended period. In fact, moving an...
Studio BAAG
Studio BAAG is Swedish designer Caroline Bauer and Italian architect Pier Francesco Galuppini. http:...
Afflicted Objects
"When I was 22 years old I found myself pacing the hallucinogenic black & white sidewalks of Rio de ...
Cutting Edge
Based on the infamous foam-cutting technique - known for providing many interns a lifelong trauma. G...
Softer than Steel: Nendo for Desalto.
Pendant lamp 'Fisherman' by TAF, a Stockholm based design and architecture studio founded by Gabriel...
Claudio Sibille graduated from IUB in Montevideo, Uruguay. His speciality is furniture design. At th...
Frihamnen Harbour Sauna
For sustainable urban growth and the creation of a specific harbour park at Frihamnen, one of the ha...
B3 / Wassily
An icon of 20th century design, the Model B3 or Wassily chair was designed by Marcel Breuer between ...
Habité par un héritage de l’art nouveau, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance s’appuie non seulement sur l...
Spin it again
The stool "Spin" is the result of a collaboration of designer Staffan Holm with Swedish company Swed...
The Value Of Worthless
Klaas Kuiken is a designer, but in his workspace he´s more like an inventor or craftsman. Klaas Kui...
Hans Poelzig: Architecture as Gesamtkunstwerk
Architect Hans Poelzig (1869 – 1936) was an eclectic visionary. He worked with sculptural effects,...
Crystal Palace
Etchings by Alexander Brodsky & Ilya Utkin, Russia. Alexander Brodsky was one of the founders of the...
Nordic Seating
Chairs and sofas by Claesson Koivisto Rune, a design and architecture office based in Stockholm, Swe...
Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh: Labyrinth at the C-mine art centre in Genk, Belgium. The...
Pryor Console
The CASTE line of furniture and accessories is designed by Ty Best. Ty was born and raised in Montan...
Light of Thought
A representation of the brain is laboriously formed from thousands of drops of melted solder using a...
Le Moigne
Swiss designer Nicholas Le Moigne studied at ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne, where he is...
バガボンド summer collection
The バガボンド summer collection 2015
A proposition for an art installation. Contemplating the difference between being sheltered and bein...
The Art of Ralph McQarrie
Ralph Angus McQuarrie studied at the Art Center School in Pasadena. He first worked for a dentistry ...
Paper sculptures
Paper sculptures by Richard Sweeney. Richard was born in Huddersfield, England in 1984. He studied a...
Print A Chair
Loop chair by Markus Johannson: The final purpose of this project was to gain more knowledge about f...
Sculptures by Thomas Rentmeister. 1964 born in Reken / Westphalia, lives in Berlin ...
The apartment of Pierre Charpin
Pierre Charpin´s apartment at Le Corbusier´s Cité Radieuse, and a selection of Charpin´s other w...
Printed Stone Fields
This project has started from a search for a 3d-objects optimal packing algorithm over a surface, bu...
Peak Oil
"I create sculptures based on sublime moments. These are moments that fill a person with amazement, ...
Nucleo is Piergiorgio Robino (1969) born in Asti, Stefania Fersini (1982) born in Aosta, Alice Carlo...
Jiyong Lee: Segmentation Series
The segmentation series is inspired by my fascination with science of cell, its division and the jou...
Klas Ernflo: Ink On Board
After his education at Beckmans College of Design, Klas moved to Barcelona where he started working ...
"Monster" is a term designating this pile of objects abandoned in the street waiting to be taken awa...
Citta design development
Images from the design development for the cabinet system "Citta" Design: Mario Gagliardi
Dining chair "Sole" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Couch tables "Isole" Design: Mario Gagliardi
Shelf "Nuvole" Design: Mario Gagliardi
Side tables "Quadrifoglio" Design: Mario Gagliardi
Paravent "Paravento" Design: Mario Gagliardi
Storage unit/couch table "Khalifa" in 70/30 brass. Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Highback chair "Fumetto" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario & Casa.
Lounge chair "Ryoku" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Side table "Catenina" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Lounge chair "Aurora" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Couch table "UFO" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Bench "Amatera" Design: Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Lounge chair "Apero" designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Armchair "Aitutaki" designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Paper sculpture
Dancing dude!
Have a good one to day!
Chair "Alpina" designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Rug set "Pianeti", designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa. Handcrafted in 100% New Zealand M...
Dining Table "Flow" designed by Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
Gran Turismo
Lounge chair Gran Turismo, Design Mario Gagliardi for Mario and Casa.
briller par son absence
burn wood
Surface N° 2
Arctic Paper presents Surface N° 2 – a second edition featuring a specially curated selection of ...
expansion series
“Chaos and Catastrophe unbound, worlds formed thrust together, Colour and light rebounded, befor...
All the Colour Drained Away
On days that the wind blows hard the leaves all seem to align the same way, the clouds roll in and t...
The painted house
These experimental structures have been created by combining design processes of architecture and gr...
Looking West
Glimpses at sunset, Snapshots of beauty, How deep the sea, Cliffs that soar away. Imaginings of the ...
Discs and Plates
Swirls of colour, lines, spots, imaginary layers of depth brought out into the light by transparency...
Gin is the Thing
While searching for inspiration for sculpture, a friend was talking about the ideal glass for drinki...
Artwork Statement: "PYROLYSIS" What is it about fire? So attractive, So lovely, desirable, reaching ...
A contemporary marqueterie effect for a combined side table/console with hidden drawers. © Mario Ga...
Francesco Vezzoli: Antique not Antique
Francesco Vezzoli at MUSEO MUSEION.
Rudolf Belling
Rudolf Belling was sculptor, designer, architect and stage designer. In 1908, he founded a studio fo...
Calatrava : Sculptures
Sculptures by architect Santiago Calatrava.
Gravity Sketch
Create sketches with gravity: