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Designed and restored by Ted Wells. Happy with my historic house: 1960, originally designed by Mosher & Drew Architects. Relaxing and beautiful.
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Designed by Ted Wells. Architecture. Corten steel and glass.
Designed by Ted Wells. Great ocean and canyon views. Glass, stone, and steel.
Writing & Design
Romantic Modern: The California Architecture of Harwell Hamilton Harris. Writer and Designer, Ted We...
Writing & Design
Birdee, Tweet! Writer and Illustrator.
Writing & Design
Bohemian Crossroads: Art & Culture Collide Then Subside. Writer and Designer.
Writing & Design
Bohemian Highways: Abide Then Divide Along the California Coast. Writer and Designer.
Writing & Design
Horizon Homes: Living a Concrete Dream. Writer and Designer, Ted Wells.
Writing & Design
Artists Abroad: A Woman´s Journey to Discover the Artists. Writer and Illustrator.
Writing & Exhibition
Art That Matters. Writer and Designer.
Auguste Rodin Eye Chart. Poster. Letterpress.
Writing & Design
Casting Shadows, Auguste Rodin. Writer and Designer.
Writing & Design
Nofearatutu. Writer and Illustrator, Ted Wells.
Writing & Design
Bohemian Bridges: California as a Superstructure for Social and Cultural Change. Writer and Designer...
Writing & Design
I´m a Flower Child. Writer and Illustrator.
Writing & Design
SQT..or Not. Book. Writer and Illustrator, Ted Wells.
Modernist Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright
The Glass House
"This house was Philip Johnson's autobiography—all of his interests were visible, and all of his a...
Amor Vacui
Domink von Moos, born 1990, studied architecture at ETH Zurich.
Antonio Sant´Elia: The house of concrete, glass and steel
"No architecture has existed since 1700. A moronic mixture of the most various stylistic elements us...
Abitazione IPES ad Appiano
Abitazione IPES ad Appiano
Urban Robot: The early works of 伊東 豊雄 Toyo Ito
Toyo Ito (伊東 豊雄) was born 1 June 1941 in Seoul, Korea to Japanese parents. In 1943, he moved...
Chalet C7, Andes Mountains
The Chalet C7 is located in the middle of the Andes Mountains, at 2990 meters above sea level, not f...
Hiroyuki Tanaka
Architect Hiroyuki Tanaka was born in Osaka. He studied at Keio University and worked with Carbondal...
MR House, Costa Esmeralda
MR House, Costa Esmeralda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Architects: Luciano Kruk with Arch ...
見つめる家 House of Vision
見つめる家 House of Vision Kouichi Kimura 1960 Born in Kusatsu City, Shiga prefecture, Japan 1...
Scape House 窓辺の家 / Kouichi Kimura 木村浩
Scape House 窓辺の家 by Kouichi Kimura 木村浩 1960年/滋賀県生まれ 1991年/フォ...
天野 善啓 Yoshihiro Amano: Jingumae project
Melnikov House
The private house of architect and painter Konstantin Melnikov in Krivoarbatsky Lane in Moscow was c...
19th century
19th century French house details, facades and blueprints from: Le moniteur des architectes, Archit...
House in Setagaya
Tokyo, Japan: Residential home "Breeze" in Setagaya, a district of Tokyo, designed by Artechnic arch...
House O
Tokyo, Japan: a beautiful house at the Japanese coast by architect Sou Fujimoto.
House in Monsaraz
Monsaraz, Portugal : a project by Aires Mateus Architects,
House in Cadoços
a project by Aires Mateus architects, www.
House in Aroeira
Aroeira, Portugal: a project by Aires Mateus architects,
Travel House
A project by Peoples Architecture Office in Beijing.
Casa Possanco
Possanco, Alcácer do Sal, Portugal: a project by Studio ARX.
Fish house
living by the water by Guz Architects.
Wellington, New Zealand: a house by studio Fearon Hay Architects
Wellington, New Zealand: a house by Fearon Hay architects
A convent in Spain remade by David Closes.