Baptiste Alchourroun
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Baptiste Alchourroun makes visuals for magazines (covers, illustrations for articles) and record labels (sleeves, posters) and create book designs. In 2010, he co-founded Château-vacant (C^-V) with Yannick Calvez and Lémuel Malicoutis. He lives and works in Montreal, Canada.
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Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories by Dmitry Borshch
Coffee maker
Tom Ngo
Antonio Rubino
Stan Galli
Black Boxes
Nikolai Lutohin
Nelson Mandela Blvd
The fairytales of H. C. Andersen
Siggi Eggertson: Ich Bin Ein Kugelschreiber
Klas Ernflo: Ink On Board
Numerical Digits 1 — 9
Ed Fella Documents
Shannon Goff
Invisible Cities
Venetian paper
Stars in your eyes
Azuma Makoto and Shiinoki Shunsuke
River in my head
Anne-Margot Ramstein
Noam Weiner
Pedro Bellido Barquero
Voyager avec un crayon: Jacques de Loustal
Paintings On Books
And never again I'll go sailin'
Anthony Peters
Sami Viljanto: Grande Deluxe
Maria Makeeva
Master of Fantastic Illustration: Daniel Mróz
The Same But Different
Andrew B. Myers
Illustrations by Victo Ngai
350 Album Covers
Kazumasa Nagai
Soviet DIY
Timo Meyer
Illustration: Luke Fenech
Rita Studio
Eduardo Recife
Douglas Smith
Jamie Mills
Elena Boils
Ephemeral Illustration
New York New York
Sergio Mora
Henning Wagenbreth
with Paper
Paul Blow
Alessandro Gottardo
Joe Wilson
Unify Sofa
HR-FM (エイチアールエフエム)
Réflexions faites by Romain Trystram
Antoine Audiau et Manuel Warosz
More Tong
Clément Paurd: La Traversée
Clément Paurd et Marie Saarbach: Catalogue de l´espace
Jovan de Melo
Bicicleta Sem Freio
Eugene Riousse
Andy Gilmore
Dan Matutina
Guillaume Chauchat
Alexis Beauclair
Matthias Aregui
Guy Shield
Gino Bud Hoiting
Karan Singh
Lyndon Hayes' London
Bénédicte Muller
Lateral Office: Arctic Food Network
Lateral Office: Clearing
Loïc Derrien, Illustrateur
鄧堯逢 Tang Yau Hoong
Laurent Moreau, Auteur-illustrateur
Issun Boshi by Icinori
deconstruction - reconstruction: John Monteith