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Inspired by the process of crystallization, the Bravais Table is based on the tetragonal lattice system used to identify crystal formations through the arrangements of points in space.

The table leg arrangement is designed using the constant distance of a specified direction from a random set of points. This relocates the structure of the table to the top surface, contrasting conventional table constructions where components of stability are commonly hidden underneath the table top.

The Bravais desk is a modular product to accommodate any working environment. Through a compression fit system, the desk can be taken apart, put together and customized with a variety of shelving and table tops.

Dana Cannam (b.1980, Canada) received his Bachelors in Industrial Design at the University of Alberta (2007) and his Masters in Social Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (2010). Soon after graduation Dana established “Dana Cannam Design” based in Rotterdam.
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