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Tom Hancocks: Ode to Symmetry
Rana Begum: Work on Paper
Benjamin Phelan
Firework Drawings
Splendours of the Past
How a Logo Survives in a Metropolis
Olivetti Typewriters
Ray Johnson
Norman Seeff: Portraits
Ephemeral Illustration
New York New York
Out My Window
Tom Hancocks: Wet Space
Mathieu Missiaen
Glass by Thaddeus Wolfe
50 posters by Propagandism
Nameless Architecture
First Encounter with the Light of a Sun
Daniel Arsham
Snarkitecture Objects
Ray Johnson
Andy Gilmore
Lighting by Lindsey Adelman & Nancy Callan
Candle Candelier Chandelier
Ian Stell
Robert Hodgin
Eric Hu
Greg Bogin Studio, New York
Buddy Esquire and Phase 2: Let´s Party
Floto + Warner
Prince of the streets
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Master of Color
New York
Emil Nolde
Tower House
Weegee The Situation Photographer
Meet me at Katz’s Delicatessen
Geometric Pentimento
Liquid graphics
Living Color