Prince of the streets
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Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) is one of the most influential photographers of his generation. During the 1950s and early 1960s he developed an instinct-driven visual language, which abandoned conventional composition in favour of a more direct representation of life in photography. Winogrand, the so-called “prince of the streets”, came to be reckoned as the quintessential street photographer. Taken from his most debated photo series by the same title, the "Garry Winogrand - Women are Beautiful" exhibition is open for public viewing at WestLicht Museum of Photography in Vienna, Austria until October 3rd, 2014. All images provided by WestLicht with the courtesy of Lola Garrido Collection.
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Although the series depicts women as principal agents of change, they however remain subjected to the male gaze of a brilliant image hunter. Garry Winogrand, Untitled, c. 1970. © Garry Winogrand
During the post-war years, there was a change in the attitude of women, based on an intense exercise of inner and outer freedom. Garry Winogrand, Untitled, c. 1975. © Garry Winogrand
Following the women through the streets of Manhattan and joining them at high society parties, Winogrand’s camera observes how they occupy public space with self-confident grace and how social transformation manifests in their body language and habitus. Garry Winogrand, Centennial Ball, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, 1969. © Garry Winogrand
Frequent distortions, stark diagonals and the tilted perspective of his photographs represent the restlessness of urban life as well as Winogrand’s breathless working style. Garry Winogrand, New York, 1965. © Garry Winogrand
Winogrand’s series is an unprecedented document of social change taking shape in public everyday life. Garry Winogrand, New York World's Fair, 1964. © Garry Winogrand
Arguably, no one before has managed to capture the vitality of New York City’s streets with the same immediacy. Garry Winogrand, Untitled, 1968. © Garry Winogrand
His Leica always at hand, his incredible sensitivity for the moment combined with a certain ruthlessness towards his subjects. Garry Winogrand, Untitled, before 1975. © Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand, New York, 1967. © Garry Winogrand
"A mistake. That's what makes the poetry." - said Tichý. A complementary display drawn from the WestLicht collection is dedicated to an equally obsessive picture hunter, Czech artist Miroslav Tichý (1926-2011). Miroslav Tichý, Untitled, c. 1980. © Sammlung WestLicht, Wien.
Tichý was active during the 1960s through the 1980s. Now classified as an outsider artist for photographing surreptitious pictures of beautiful women. Home-made cameras, careless printing and mistakes are secrets to his unique style. Miroslav Tichý, Untitled, c. 1980. © Sammlung WestLicht, Wien.
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