Future City - Creative Collaboration
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Dress rehearsal with fashion designer Noki and sculpture workshop with Kristiane Kegelmann ahead of the event FUTURE CITY at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. Curated by Mario Gagliardi.
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Essential Water: Visual prototyping with signed distance functions
The Persona Project
Blacker Box
Podchain: Blockchain for intelligent transport
Future City - Fashion
Future City - Fashion, Food, Transport
Low cost urban transport
AI assistant
Hybrid urban scooter
Omnidirectional Speaker
Multifunctional tableware
An organic structure for bikes: More stability with less material
A storytelling mirror with emotion detection
Cooking with technology, emotion and myth
Emotional drones
Unfolding sound spaces
Shape-shifting robotic structures
Cellular Automata: A design language for industrial silk
Functional Pasta
An evolutionary algorithm for bike design
Intuitive Feedback for Human-Machine Interfaces
Structured Reflection
Mapping movement to music
Watch UX
The Thai Craft Project
A pattern algorithm for fashion
Shared Space
The future of traveling - Projects
Intuitive Phone
Computer Vision
Korean containers
DIY Ceremonies
Low Tech can be smart and fun
Baroque Co-creation: Jan Brueghel I and Rubens
The future of traveling - Process
Luxury redefined
The Warhol & Basquiat Collaboration
Modular Audio
Intuitive IOT Hubs
Atmospheric airplane interior
Parametric speaker
Günter Brus Draws with Friends
Creative collaboration
Absolut Art Celebration