Shared Space
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To develop better urban strategies and futures for communities in desert climates, Mario Gagliardi worked with a group of architects and designers in Doha.

Analogous to the Shared Space concept in urban design, Mario Gagliardi set this cooperation up so that every participant negotiates his "idea space" with others. This led to particularly constructive knowledge exchanges and solution proposals.

After several days of immersion into the problems of human habitation and urban spaces in the Middle East, the team came up with a catalog of proposals for better urban spaces in the region and finally compressed their ideas into a blueprint for an energy-independent, autonomous, zero carbon settlement to inspire future urban developments in Qatar.

Mario Gagliardi with Shuhei Endo, Yasuyuki Takano, Gianni Botsford, Charlotte Skene Catling, Ricardo de Ostos, Marc Frohn, Kayvan Karimi and Alexandre Tonneau.
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