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penccil: The Beauty of the Moment
The Beauty of the Moment
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Honululu, Hawaii: The main focus of "bijinga" prints, or pictures of beautiful women was to capture a fleeting moment in the 18th and 19th century Japan. Photo courtesy: Museum Rietberg Zürich. All images ©Honolulu Museum of Art except otherwise mentioned.
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The Beauty of the Moment
Literally, bijinga means genres features beautiful people of both sexes but depictions of women are much more common.
The Beauty of the Moment
Detail from Dancers, ca. 1890, © 2012 Museo delle Culture, Lugano. The theme of 'beautiful women' has a very important place in the photos which were taken by photographers such as Kusakabe Kimbei, the Venetians Felice Beato and Adolfo Farsari.
The Beauty of the Moment
Courtesan (Tachi bijin zu) ca. 1710. Both in photography and in prints, the first artworks were black and white and later hand-colored.
The Beauty of the Moment
Princess Sannomiya, the Third Princess from the "Tale of Genji" (GEnji Monogatari Onna Sannomiya, ca. 1766.
The Beauty of the Moment
Flowers in the Wind ( Hana no kaze) by Utagawa Toyokuni I, active during 1769-1825, ca. 1795-1825.
The Beauty of the Moment
Tea house Maidens under a Wisteria Trellis by Kitagawa Utamaro, 1753-1806, ca. 1795. The idealized beauties are elegant and desirable women who may appear as courtesans (including prostitutes of various ranks), geishas (entertainers or performing artists)
The Beauty of the Moment
Lovers Sharing an Umbrella (Setchu aiaigasa), 1725?-1770.
The Beauty of the Moment
Vulgarly Called the Wanton (Zokuni iu bakuren) - A parent's moralizing spectacles (Kyokun oya no megane) by Kitagawa Utamaro, 1753-1806 ca.1802.
The Beauty of the Moment
Morning at the Temporary Lodgings (Karitaku no asa) by Kitagawa Utamaro, 1753-1806, 1801.
The Beauty of the Moment
Hanaogi of the Ogiya Brothel House at Edocho Itchome (Edocho Itchome Ogiya no uchi Hanaogi) - A Comparison of Courtesan Flowers, 1753-1806, 1801.
The Beauty of the Moment
Tsukasa Dayu of Higashi Ogiya in Osaka's Shinmachi District by Eishosai Choki, active ca. 1780-1809 ca. 1800.
The Beauty of the Moment
Preparing to Go Out (Mijimai Geisha) - Comparison of Modern Beauties (Tosei bijin awase) by Utagawa Kunisada I / Toyokuni III, active during 1786-1865, ca. 1830-1831.
梅沢和木 1985年2月生まれ 埼玉生まれ埼玉在住 Kazuki Umezawa, Born 1985 in Sait...
Yasutoshi Ezumi 江角 泰俊 2014-15 Collection
宝塚造形芸術大学短期大学部デザイン芸術科ファッションコース卒業 ロン...
Patrick Li
Patrick Li is a Chinese born fashion designer living and working in London. He studied at the Univer...
David Koma
David Koma is a Georgian born, London based fashion designer. After studying Fine Art in St Petersbu...
Bikramjit Bose
Indian photographer Bikramjit Bose draws inspiration from cinema and the works of cinematographers....
An Le Studio
Vietnamese Photographer An Le´s clients include Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale´s, Bottega Veneta,...
Steven Meisel : Julia Nobis
One of the most successful photographers in the fashion industry, Steven Meisel has distinguished hi...
Working together since 1986, the Dutch partnership Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin rose to ...
Lisa Amandonico
Lisa Laurell Amandonico is a Swedish/Italian fashion designer. She graduated with a BA in Fashion De...
Rui Aguiar
Fashion impressions by Portuguese photographer Rui Aguiar.
Kasia Bielska: Strawberry Fields
Fashion photographer Kasia Bielska was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from the Nat...
Elza + Ronja + Lieke + Erwin
Erwin Olaf makes images of Elza Luijendijk, Ronja Amanda Berg, and Lieke van Houten for Dutch Vogue.
Daria + Daniel
Daniel Jackson photographed Daria Werbowy for Harpers Bazaar US.
Saskia + Craig
Saskia De Brauw photographed by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia.
Adi Goodrich
Adi Goodrich is a Los Angeles based Set Designer and Art Director. With a background in building and...
Frederik Heyman
Frederik Heyman is based in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied at Antwerp Academy. His clients include KEN...
Mel Bles
Fashion photographer Mel Bles graduated with an honours degree from Central St Martins School of Art...
Everything Is Just So F**kin Fabulous
Hattie Stewart is an illustrator from London. She graduated from Kingston University and worked with...
Winde Rienstra
Dutch fashion designer Winde Rienstra (1981) grew up in Friesland, The Netherlands. She graduated in...
The men spring/summer collection 2014 of Issey Miyake.
Mark Shaw
Mark Shaw began his career in 1946 at Harper’s Bazaar and soon afterwards started shooting for Mad...
Ek Thongprasert: Thai Jewels
Thai Fashion designer Ek Thongprasert moved to Antwerp to set up his fashion label. He is using inno...
Jason Wu: Resort 2014
Since his first collection, Jason has been dedicated to make clothes that were as beautifully crafte...
Super Model China
刘雯: Liu Wen / The Society 雎晓雯: Xiao Wen Ju / IMG 游天翼: Tian Yi / Fusion - Photographe...
Christopher Kane
Fashion design by Christopher Kane.
Baker & Evans
Brendan Baker & Daniel Evans. Photographic Duo / Art Direction BA Hons Photography @ University for ...
Never confuse fashion with style
Fashion photography: Giampaolo Sgura. After studying architecture, his visual passion transform fro...
Ying Gao
Designer de mode et professeure à l’UQAM, lauréate de la bourse Phyllis-Lambert Design Montréal...
Paris Walks!
Check out the Paris Walks I am making for call/contest ROAD here on penccil:
Paris walks
Great walks in Paris
All about Fashion
photography, branding and packaging for Fashion by Lotta Nieminen.
Electric Geometric
work by Melbourne based visual artist Ollie Lucas.
Kimihiko Okada Architecture Models
Architecture models and drawings by Kimihiko Okada.
Freez: This collection by Hsi-An Chu, inspired by water and ice, works with silicone threads. http:...
All we have is roots
The 2013 spring and summer collection of Moe, the fashion brand of Aliona Kononova.
A creature of habit
and other works of graphic design, static and animated, by Skip Dolphin Hursh.
Stephanie Hensley
London, UK: Womens shoe designs by Stephanie Hensley.
3D Fashion
Fashion of the future, realized with 3D printers: From the collections 'Volt' , 'Capriole' and 'Hybr...
Contemporary Jewellery Design
"Contemporary jewellery designers challenge the conventional function of jewellery as a symbol of we...
inspiring contemporary type specimens from hellotype, groovewear, hyperkit, sebasandclim, Penguin ...
Mazinger dreams of Robots
Robots by Morishita, spaceships by Joao Ribeiro, Tyler West, Tuomas Korpi, David Kang and others, ci...
Impressionist Fashion
I was so lucky to have seen this exhibition at Musée d´Orsay during my recent business trip to Pa...
1913: What To Draw
Illustrations by E.G. Lutz from 1913. From the cover: "this is really a remarkable book in which lin...
Switch Off!
The setsuden campaign to save energy in Japan, at
Fashion made in Taiwan: Vivacita by Chia Jen Chang
Chen Jen Chang, a graduate of the Instituto Marangoni in Milan, shows his latest collection.
Hiroshi Kawano: Pioneer of Computer Art
In 1964, Hiroshi Kawano, a Japanese philosopher teaching aesthetics, published the world´s first co...
Einstein´s diary
diaries by great minds
by newgrid
by Yuko Shimizu
Ideas Through Pictures
from the book English Through Pictures by I.A. Richards and Christine M. Gibson
Creative Tokyo
The places I like to visit
A day in Tokyo
street photography
Amazing alphabets
Historic typography
Traffic signs for meetings
No more meetings going nowhere. Download our signs as project shots, then print.
Winter keeps coming
and we present an exceptional designer from a country used to a chilly vibe. Representing Denmark is...
Tadanori Yokoo
Poster art
St Exupery´s Planet Earth
Design for a silkscreened scarf. Made only with the awesome penccil sketch amplifier. I used the too...
Flora & Fauna of Matchbox Design
There is something about vintage matchboxes.
Classic Fashion with Attitude
We love the It Factor.
Andy on Eyeglasses
I always think about what it means to wear eyeglasses. When you get used to glasses you don´t know ...
What is in Andy´s Cabinet?
"Well-groomed people are the real beauties. It doesn´t matter what they´re wearing or who theyre w...
What was in Andy´s Cabinet?
"Well-groomed people are the real beauties. It doesn't matter what they're wearing or who theyre wit...
fashion by Natargeorgiou
by Coco Brun
Meaningful quotes with illustrated backgrounds
Åhus, Skåne, Sweden: Creative ads for design-conscious vodka brand Absolut
Graphic design for wine bottles.
fashion illustration by Cristian Boian
Collection of beautiful typography and graphic design.
Prabal Gurung: Pre-Fall/Fall 2016
Prabal Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. After beginning his design caree...
Toshio Onda
Japanese Fashion photographer Toshio Onda studied at the University of West England. He lives in Par...
Balder Skånström-Bo
Balder Skånström-Bo is a photographer and filmmaker based in Copenhagen.
Charles Guo
Rayan Ayash
Rayan Ayash is a Fashion Photographer based in New York & Paris.
Hedi Slimane was the creative director for Dior Homme. He is currently creative director for Saint L...
Txema Yeste
Txema Yeste (1972) began his career as a reporter after completing his photographic studies in Barce...
The Bubble series by Melvin Sokolsky for Harper’s Bazaar 1963. Melvin Sokolsky (born 1933) is an A...
The Bride Stripped Bare
Fashion designer Ryohei Kawanishi studied at Central St Martins and at Parsons.
The Krampus in Salzburg, Austria was the first beast Charles Fréger encountered during his two-yea...
Paola Mathe, born in Petionville, Haiti, lives and works in New York City. She holds a BA in econom...
Vejas: Fall Winter 2015. Vejas Kruszewski is a young Lithuanian designer.
Mark Fast
Mark Fast moved to London in 2002 to study at Central Saint Martins. He completed his BA there and w...
Sweets by 若杉 智也
Dinu Bodiciu: Monsters
Dinu Bodiciu is a London based fashion and accessories designer. He was born in Romania and studied ...
Dominik Tarabanski
Photographer Dominik Tarabanski was born in Poland. He lives and works in NYC.
Sweet bubbles
Papabubble – Caramels Artesans started in Barcelona in 2004. The candies are all handmade. The sho...
Ladies in Living Rooms
Images of ladies in living rooms.
Demo collection
Combining the science of technology with the art of fashion, SUSHCHENKO creates evocative, vivid and...
light & shadow
The 2015 Autumn/Winter collection of Anrealage. Designer Kunihiko Morinaga, born in 1980 in Tokyo, ...
TV resting in your palm: A concept by Sony Corporation Creative Center in cooperation with Itochu Co...
These three package designs, characterized by joint-free, smooth curves and a delicate white texture...
Kudos Greece
Palais Bulles and Antti Lovag
Antti Lovag, born in Hungary 1920, arrived in France in 1947 and gained his initial experience with ...
Sonia Delaunay: Fashion
Fashion sketches and watercolors by Sonia Delaunay.
Sungwon Suh studied Business Administration at Dongguk University in Seoul and fashion at Raffles Co...
A series of wall lamps in the size of A2 posters. The lamp can fixed to a wall with tape or pins, ju...
YOY (ヨイ) は、空間デザイナーの小野直紀とプロダクトデザイナーの山本侑...
A lamp that is floating in the air. Inside the lampshade there are 2 motors to move the lamp, which ...
Din ディン Futura フーツラ
Fonts as glasses: Type glasses, Tokyo.
Welcome to Wonderland
Born in Hamburg, TOMAAS has lived in NYC for 18 years and is now based in Paris. His images have bee...
Daniel Salemi
Daniel Salemi’s work investigates the lack of distinction between a structure and its location. Th...
Thomas Lohr
Thomas Lohr was born in the south of Germany in the early 80s. After his photo design studies in Ber...
Mitsuko Nagone
Mitsuko Nagone grew up in a small southern city in Japan. She moved to Tokyo and studied photography...
Oscar De La Renta
“I always say: To be well dressed you must be well naked.” Born in the Dominican Republic in 19...
Elena Salmistraro: Glass, Ceramics & Fashion
Elena Salmistraro lives and works in Milan. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan i...
Fieneke Ploeger’s FULL-BLOWN collection explores the concept of hyperreality in relation to the bo...
Future Fashion by Martijn Van Strien
"contra.dictions","Threads for Cockaigne" and "Dystopian Brutalist Outerwear" by Martijn Van Strien....
Gareth Pugh
Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear by Gareth Pugh. Pugh started his fashion education at City of Sunderland C...
Renee Nicole Sander . De . Fi . Ciency
Renee Nicole Sander is a Cape Town-based fashion designer. She is studying at the Cape Peninsula Uni...