Cope: Architecture
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Raised in Maryland, photographer Nicholas Alan Cope moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and attended the Art Center College of Design. Nicholas has worked for a number of commercial and editorial clients while also working on personal projects. He is currently based in New York City.
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Kenzo Tange
American Food
Organic Public
Design for Disaster
Shared Space
Food Architecture
Franz De Lacroix
Sky Walk
Microscopes of utopia
Brazil Modernism
Carlo Scarpa: Sketch and Work
Peter Zumthor: Thinking Architecture
The Bauhaus Revolution
Struth: Nature & Politics
In Orbit
Tom Ngo
Future Architecture
Superstudio, Superproduction, Superconsumption
Heartbeat, Heartseat
Swarm fabrication: Kokkugia / Roland Snooks
Spatial Clusters
Une Cité Industrielle by Tony Garnier
Obsolete Distinction
The Glass House
Design & Politics
Julius Shulman: Visual Drama
Memories of Ruins: Rebecca Bathory
Bird´s Nest
Toshio Onda
Mimicry and Makeshift
Colliding Worlds
Jean-Jaques Lequeu
Rayan Ayash
Jorge Zalszupin and L'Atelier
Amor Vacui
Áron Jancsó
Palmyra, End of March, 2016
Small Buildings
The end of history - La fin de l´histoire
Bring the outside in: The houses of Joseph Eichler
Harrison and Abramovitz
Man. Kiki. Lee.
Uncanny Bodies
Trees in Winter
Manufactured Landscapes