The gilded castle
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Thanks to a generous invitation by Alexandrion Group, I visited Peles Castle in Romania. Besides castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Peles is the most remarkable turn-of-the-century castle in Europe. It was built between 1873 and 1914 for King Carol I, Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.

After the previous king of Romania had been expelled from the country, Romanian politicians searched for a successor. They turned to Karl, who had to travel incognito from Germany to Romania in order to start his job. Peles castle is located in a valley in the southern Carpathian mountains close to the town of Sinaia. An outstanding example of turn-of-the-century historicist eclecticism, it was, unlike Neuschwanstein, an actual residence. It was built to the very latest technical standards, with a hot water bath and electric light.

The building features stunning features for representation and entertainment, including a room with medieval-style armor, a library with a secret door, a private theatre with a large pipe organ, a room with Asian artifacts, a medieval German style meeting room, and an Ottoman-style entertainment room.

Images (C) Mario Gagliardi 2019
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