Lucha Libre
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A small set of ´Lucha Libre´-posters found by Dutch graphic designer Hans Gremmen at a printer in Mexico City. Mexico has a rich tradition in ´Lucha Libre´ (free wrestling). The frequency of these fights is high, which means that new posters are made nonstop. The process of making these posters is therefore very efficient. The technique (letterpress) can provide this efficiency. There is no digital process, no plates, no pre-press. All the fonts, illustrations, sponsor logo´s, lines are already available in the workshop; they only have to be placed in the right order. The printer compiles the posters on the press himself, using these prefab materials. The colours (mostly rainbow-print) are also mixed on the press. This natural way of composing and printing creates a series of posters that could not be designed better. Simply perfect.
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