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Design of painted wall texts by Rasmus Koch studio for artist Jens Haaning. In 2004, Jens Haaning wrote ‘Deutschland’ on the wall of a barn in the small town of Tewel-Moor in Germany. The country name was spelt in its native spelling. The work triggered different reactions based on the countries’ relationship to its history – Germany’s name automatically conjures up the past. A typeface was designed for this purpose. The primary objective in the typeface design was to create anonymity – a typeface free from any cultural connections or connotations and so in that sense impressionable only by the observers perception. Danish artis Jens Haaning invokes social borders. Through open-ended representations, Haaning makes the artwork’s effect on the viewer its primary focus.
Book : Baldessari
Book : Armleder
Book : Mullican
Book : Weiner
Book : Cattelan
Book : Brannon
Jeff Zimmerman
klub katarakt 12
New Generation
The Menu
American Food
What Is A Simulation?
Michael Schoner
The art of improvising art
Font design for a video game
Books of Memory: Gianpaolo Pagni
Groupe Garcia Ingénierie
Just Before Paradise
Total Automation
German Art since 1960
Jean Lurçat
Akiko Masunaga
Management 7
Scum Pixel
The Bauhaus Revolution
In Infinity
Struth: Nature & Politics
In Orbit
Tom Ngo
Sislej Xhafa
reversed silhouettes
Visual Music
Heartbeat, Heartseat
This City
Eric Giraudet de Boudemange
Christian Herdeg: Kunst und Bau
Une Cité Industrielle by Tony Garnier
Obsolete Distinction
“I’m not supposed to talk about it”
The Glass House
Francois Morellet 1926 - 2016
Design & Politics
Xavier Antin: Printing at Home
The Oily Actor
Julius Shulman: Visual Drama
72 dpi
Poul Hundevad and the Guldhøj chair
Jewelry Design Art
BASILE ARTECO "Falce/Scythe" design anonimo
BASILE ARTECO "Ferro/B" design Enzo Mari
Balder Skånström-Bo
Universality of the Vortex-Sphere Archetype
Place cards
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MG Grotesk
Alessandro Mendini 1931-2019
Vienna Art Week
DNA Paris Design Awards
Pieter Bruegel
Territorium: Ars - Techne-Krafts-Cosmovisión
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
Writing & Exhibition
Writing & Design
Writing & Design
WRECK--Regeneration Experiment of Wasted Daily-use Ceramics from Chaozhou, China
The loft bar
Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories by Dmitry Borshch
4 second spaceship
One Hundred Thousand Games
Jerszy Seymour Amateurtopia
Emoji Superhighway
Art Driver
Semantic Space Invaders
Cellular Letters
The Joys of Ice Skating
Charles Tassin
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Cutting the edges
Digital Bill
The pattern of You
serpentine 2017
We Ar
Maurice Binder
Love and Politics
Neverending Graphics
Le Drugstore Brand Identity
Coffee maker
Untitled Project: Honda CB77 Superhawk
Franz Kline
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