Catarina Carreias: Objects
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Catarina Carreiras graduated in Communication Design from Faculdades de Belas Artes de Lisboa. Working since 2008 in Fabrica's design studio, she recently spent a year in New York, where she worked with the design studio Karlssonwilker Inc. During the last four years she won three honor scholarships from Universidade de Lisboa. She recently opened her own studio in Lisbon.
And atelier
Libor Sosták
Unknown Obvious
Sturtevant Double Trouble
Cannes Outdoor Lions 2014
Coffee light
Cecilie Manz: Smørebræt
Ionna Vautrin
Guillaume Delvigne
Jessica Harrison
Brunno Jahara, Brazil
Réjean : Les ROCHERS
Deconstructed Vases
Ole Jensen
Gabriele Pardi & Laura Fiaschi
Tiled Fashion
Dorothée Loriquet
Moisés Hernández
Collective Terracotta
大治将典 Oji Masanori
Hugh Ferriss
Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani
Michal Fargo
Caroline Olsson
Contemporary bathroom design: Ryosuke Fukusada & Rui Pereira
Elena Salmistraro: Glass, Ceramics & Fashion
Archizoom and Andrea Branzi
Ettore Sottsass: Light and Furniture
Ettore Sottsass: Glass and Ceramics
Tokujin Yoshioka: Twinkle and Sparkle
Glass by Thaddeus Wolfe
Indolence in Art
Jars by Mejdstudio
The Production Line of Happiness
Yukihiro Kaneuchi 金内 幸裕
Fruttiera con sorpresa
L’utopie du tout liège
Joana Santos Barbosa
Joséphine Choquet
Cristina Vezzini & Chen Sheng Tsang: Ceramic and Glass
Daniel Duarte
Mid-century design classics: Texas Ware
Hans-Theo Bauman
The Dowry of the Princess of Trebizond
Marina Dragomirova
Cats in Art
Alessandro Zambelli: Objects and Furniture
Body & Soul
Gustav Klimt: Landscapes
"... Cheese! We´ll go somewhere where there´s cheese!"
The World is an Apple.
M.F. Husain - Chronicler of Everyday in India
Everyday Design Classics of the 20th Century
ZPstudio Tools
Eugeni Quitllet
The early design years of Apple
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Angelo Mangiarotti
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Bjørn van den Berg
:(mala leche)
Aspartame: Adrien Rovero
I+N: Gohanan
The Value Of Worthless
Fernando Botero
Two Glass
Le Moigne
Matteo Zorzenoni
Jiyong Lee: Segmentation Series
Numerical Digits 1 — 9
Alessandro Stabile
Modigliani: Your real duty is to save your dream
Novum 01.15 — Non-Profit Issue
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The Sun, the Moon, and Lina
Cine-Teatro Garrett
タツヤオカザキ Tatsuya Okazaki
ホームジュエリー Home Jewelry
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Joel Escalona, Mexico City