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STEREOTYPISM is the first dinnerware collection from Casalinghe di Tokyo. The graphics are handled by Lucio Bolognesi and Martina Merlini. The gestural expressiveness is at the base of the collection illustrated in a minimal and graphic key. A typical Italian gesture is depicted by Lucio Bolognesi in two colors and in six different perspectives and accompanied by the letters composing in sequence the word “Stereotypism”. Martina Merlini surrounds the figurative and develops six different patterns framing each hand. The collection consists of 6 + 6 plates telling a story and every dish is linked to the other in an organic work in which every element is essential. The visual mix between the dishes is meant to be replicated each time in a different way, making the entire collection profoundly dynamic. The name of the project is an homage to Japan, being inspired by the celebrated homonymous novel written by Natsuo Kirino, and by “Asobi,” a Japanese term, beloved by Bruno Munari, that refers to art as a form of pleasure and play. It is exactly in the pleasure of play that Casalinghe di Tokyo conceives and realizes its potter collections. The set tells a compelling story in which every single plate is an unique chapter harmoniously connected to the others. A design that merges tradition and contemporary appeal generates a continuous creative dialogue. For Casalinghe di Tokyo every meal counts and every dining table represents an opportunity to stimulate the taste of sight.
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