Aspartame: Adrien Rovero
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Born in 1981, Adrien Rovero holds a Master’s in Industrial Design from ECAL Lausanne. He opened his studio in Renens in 2006. He designed for Hermes (France), Pfister (Switzerland), Droog Design (Holland), Campeggi (Italy), Nanoo (Switzerland), Tectona (France) and the Cristallerie Saint-Louis (France). His work has been shown in Galerie Kreo (Paris), Libby Sellers (London), and the Galerie Ormond (Geneva), and he created exhibition designs for the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Grand-Hornu Images (Belgium), the Manufacture de Sevres (France), the mudac (Lausanne) and the Villa Noailles (France). The Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), the Grand-Hornu Images (Belgium) and the mudac (Lausanne) have acquired his works.
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Aspartame, a project inspired by industrial candies, confectionery, sweets production, visual taste and childhood reminiscence.The carpet is availlable in a limited edition at galerie kreo.
Designed for Droog, Saving Grace, is a serie of lamps built specially to be fitted with energy saving light bulbs. Made out of glass, the different shapes adapt to the most common light bulbs present on the market.It takes advantage of the different qualities of the lights possible such as indirect lights, direct lights and diffuse light due to the specific bulbs shapes.
Eclepens, designed for atelier pfister, is inspired by public benches.
Mapping is a collection of objects exploring the hydro-transfer printing technique. Five different pieces, each in their own ways exploring a particular reference to the industrial world. The contrast between the heavy look of the surface treatment and the actual lightness of the material is the particularity of this project.
The idea behind the product is to try to activate an unexpected sense in the objects, the taste. Like a „gourmand“ designer, i looked into the different pastry, their typology, their process, their textures…
A vase and a watering can made for the design festival Landing Lausanne Jardins 2014. This festival has been curated by Adrien Rovero & Christophe Ponceau for the 2014 edition.
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