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Tableware "Evol" by Patrick Jouin. Many of his creations are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including the "Solid" collection at MOMA, which in 2004 was the first series of real-size furniture made by 3D printing technology. Patrick Jouin is also involved in interior design projects with his partner Sanjit Manku, within the agency Jouin Manku founded in 2006.
:(mala leche)
Black Boxes
Life Is Electric. Philippe Weisbecker
Radebaugh and Bohn
France 1661
Aspartame: Adrien Rovero
Pleats House
Technological Exaptation
長嶋りかこ Rikako Nagashima グラフィックデザイナー Founder / Graphic designer
Faces of the 21st century
Volkswagen Jetta
I+N: Gohanan
Zigzag Castle
Football and architecture
Time Bandits
Le Moigne
Heaven & Hell
Hell & Heaven
Parc de la Villette, Paris
バガボンド summer collection
Édouard Vuillard: Turn of the Century Paris
Palais Bulles and Antti Lovag
Sonia Delaunay: Fashion
The apartment of Pierre Charpin
Alexis Jamet
Matteo Zorzenoni
The EU Game
Pigeonner / Public Pigeon Sculptures
La Concentration des Services / Simplification de Paysage
Alessandro Stabile
A Book
Simon Starling T H E R E H E R E T H E N T H E R E
Ed Fella Documents
François Azambourg: Lighting
We imagine more objects to make less objects
Etienne Meneau
Shannon Goff
The Sun, the Moon, and Lina
Invisible Cities
タツヤオカザキ Tatsuya Okazaki
ホームジュエリー Home Jewelry
Un peuple de passage
Anne-Margot Ramstein
Japanese Swiss Greek
Jordi López Aguiló
Joel Escalona, Mexico City
Pili Wu: Plastic Classic
Paul Cox
Voyager avec un crayon: Jacques de Loustal
Cassius 1999
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WRECK--Regeneration Experiment of Wasted Daily-use Ceramics from Chaozhou, China
Silk Road
Charles Tassin
We Ar
Book : Monk
Book : Tajima
Book : Lewitt
Book : Baldessari
Book : Armleder
Book : Mullican
Book : Weiner
Book : Cattelan
Book : Brannon
Structured Reflection
The Menu
Books of Memory: Gianpaolo Pagni
Jean Lurçat
Eric Giraudet de Boudemange
Une Cité Industrielle by Tony Garnier
“I’m not supposed to talk about it”
Francois Morellet 1926 - 2016
Design & Politics
Xavier Antin: Printing at Home
Porcelain Monobloc
Tea Time
BASILE ARTECO "Ferro/D" design Enzo Mari
BASILE ARTECO "Ferro/A" design Enzo Mari
BASILE ARTECO "Ferro/B" design Enzo Mari
BASILE ARTECO "Ferro/C" design Enzo Mari
BASILE ARTECO "Coquetier" design Paolo Ulian
Empty Full
Jean-Jaques Lequeu
Rayan Ayash
The end of history - La fin de l´histoire
Alain Georges Frank Jacquet
A+A Cooren
George Sowden
Serge Mouille
Damien Coupeté images
Angelo Mangiarotti
Pascal Häusermann
Orange mecanique
私たちは Continuous Design
Bjørn van den Berg