Wataru Yamakami
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1981年  高知生まれ長野育ち、長野在住

2013 年 NEW WORLD<真澄 松の間>長野、諏訪まちじゅう芸術祭内
2011年 Eden<MAKI FINE ARTS>東京、馬喰町
2010年 ニシへヒガシへ<ヴィオパーク劇場>長野、松本
2008年 ウシロノショウメン<8 Link Studio>長野、大町
2006年 宇宙の頭 <SHORT LINK CIRCUIT>東京、六本木
鏡ノハナシ <食事処あいすなお>香川、直島
2005年 24時間の公開インスタレーション制作 <E★stadio>横浜、北仲Brick 内
2004年 顔展<nagne>東京、新宿
2001年 個展<CASA DE BARRO>ペルー、クスコ

2014 年 六本木アートナイト 2014 ミッドタウン 東京
ミッドタウンストリートミュージアム ミッドタウン 東京
2013年 TOKYO MID TOWN AWARD 2013 東京、六本木
2012年 ART SYNCHRONICITY 『アート・シンクロ展』<Creative Hub131>東京、日本橋
NAGANO 新 CONCEPTUS<志賀高原ロマン美術館>長野、山内町
男茶(ダンディー)~ DESIGNTIDE>CHANOYUSIDE ~<新宿伊勢丹>東京、新宿
2011年 metamorphosis<82ギャラリー>長野、長野
2010年 Globe show2010 <8 Link Studio>長野、大町
“Japanese Inspired” Exhibit<Mendocino Art Center>USA,Mendocino
2009年 岡本太郎現代芸術賞展<川崎岡本太郎美術館>東京、川崎
Group show2009 <8 Link Studio>長野、大町
2008年 Group show2008<8 Link Studio>長野、大町
2001年 二人展<Capilla de san bernardo>(礼拝堂)ペルー、クスコ
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Home Patterns
“Home Patterns” is a new series of patterns by Longstory, designed for printing on textiles, wal...
Martin Kippenberger (born 1953 in Dortmund, died 1997 in Vienna) is one of the foremost and simultan...
“I perhaps owe it to flowers that I became a painter.”
Arguably the most important painter of gardens in the history of art, Monet was also an avid horticu...
Painting is seen as a form of practice that—contrary to canonical accounts—in no way shies away ...
German Art since 1960
German ‘paragons of painting’ such as Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorff and Markus Lüpertz have ...
Akiko Masunaga
マスナガデザイン部/Art director/Designer/O型/乙女座
Scum Pixel
'Scum' refers to a foamy layer or mass that forms on the surface of liquid when it is boiled or ferm...
In Infinity
Yayoi Kusama’s unique imagery spring from the recurring hallucinations that have haunted her since...
Spatial Clusters
"Refined nature consists of evolved technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetic...
Courtesans, Heroes, Stars and Phantoms - In the early seventeenth century, Edo, which was the bigges...
Francois Morellet 1926 - 2016
Since he first began making work in the 1950s, Morellet has been engaged in creating work which has ...
Xavier Antin: Printing at Home
A printer manual to disturb and disrupt the printing process. Xavier Antin, born in 1981, lives and ...
Bird´s Nest
I am often struck by the nests that crows build using clothes hangers. Hangers are not only durable ...
Standing wave Sculpture
Standing wave morphology by Gabriel Kelemen 1995
Jewelry Design Art
Jewelry Art design pattern inspired from nonlinear dynamics. Drawings collection about fluid flows...
Toshio Onda
Japanese Fashion photographer Toshio Onda studied at the University of West England. He lives in Par...
Eimi Kuroda 黒田 エイミ
Eimi Kuroda (黒田 エイミ), born May 12, 1988 is a Japanese fashion model from Saitama Prefectu...
Raymundo Colares
Raymundo Colares (1944 in Grão Mogol, Minas Gerais - 1986 in Montes Claros, Minas Gerais) was a Bra...
Tamara de Lempicka (1898 – 1980) was a Polish Art Deco painter. She was the most fashionable portr...
Hervé Télémaque naît à Port-au-Prince, le 5 novembre 1937. En 1957, il quitte Haïti pour New Y...
Impressionist Gardens
“Many of Monet’s colleagues shared his passion for gardening and were inspired to paint gardens ...
Still Life Monkeys
The inclusion of a monkey with other still-life elements imitates earlier Flemish still-life painter...
The Bride Stripped Bare
Fashion designer Ryohei Kawanishi studied at Central St Martins and at Parsons.
Damien Coupeté images
German Painting after the 1960s
What is so 'German' about the art made by German painters and sculptors after the 1960s to now? The ...
私たちは Continuous Design
The Way Of The Light
Vasa Mihich studied at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Mihich has l...
Hasui Kawase 川瀬 巴水
Hasui Kawase (1883 – 1957) , the best known proponents of the 新版画 New Prints movement, was ...
The Slave Ship
But, I think, the noblest sea that Turner has ever painted, and, if so, the noblest certainly ever p...
The Sea by Emil Nolde
Born in the village of Nolde in 1902, Emil Hansen came from a family of peasants. Nolde completed an...
Sweets by 若杉 智也
Forward Retreat
Mark Tansey was born in California. He attended art classes at the San Francisco Art Institute and s...
Pleats House
House ´Pleats M´ in Saitama. Hironaka Ogawa, born 1975 in Kagawa 1975, studied at Nihon University...
長嶋りかこ Rikako Nagashima グラフィックデザイナー Founder / Graphic designer
Urban Robot: The early works of 伊東 豊雄 Toyo Ito
Toyo Ito (伊東 豊雄) was born 1 June 1941 in Seoul, Korea to Japanese parents. In 1943, he moved...
Softer than Steel: Nendo for Desalto.
Pavel Tchelitchew: Spiral head
Pavel Tchelitchew (Па́вел Фёдорович Чели́щев) (1898 - 1957) was a surrealist ...
TAKEO 竹尾纸张展
余剑兄从日本传来最新的展览资讯-TAKEO 竹尾纸张展,一家日本老牌的纸品制...
Fernando Botero
Who doesn´t like Botero? Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero (born 1932 in Medellín) is...
Sweet bubbles
Papabubble – Caramels Artesans started in Barcelona in 2004. The candies are all handmade. The sho...
Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh: Labyrinth at the C-mine art centre in Genk, Belgium. The...
未来のお菓子 一日(ひとひ)A Sweet Future
Toraya is one of the oldest makers of traditional confectionery in Japan, with 480 years of history....
Sebastian Stoskopff the Painter of Vessels
Sebastian (or Sébastien) Stoskopff (Strasbourg, July 13, 1597 – Idstein February 10, 1657) was an...
hitoshi koizumi
graphic work by hitoshi koizumi, japan.
Jean Arp: Randomness
Randomness was a key part of Jean Arp’s work right from the creation of the first dadaist group in...
Dim Sum for designers
Make the dough: In a bowl, combine salt, flour and water. Knead into a smooth dough for 5 minutes. C...
Coffe tables ´Soft´ by Oki Sato of Nendo for Glas Italia.
Light of Thought
A representation of the brain is laboriously formed from thousands of drops of melted solder using a...
Heaven & Hell
Details from paintings by Hieronymus Bosch.
Hell & Heaven
John Martin was born near Hexham, Northumberland. He was apprenticed first to an heraldic coach pain...
light & shadow
The 2015 Autumn/Winter collection of Anrealage. Designer Kunihiko Morinaga, born in 1980 in Tokyo, ...
Handmade Cafe
Our challenge was to get everybody involved in the making of this cafe in Numazu, Shizuoka. It is u...
Ben Weiner: Post-Psychedelic Dreams
Ben Weiner lives and works in Queens, New York.
TV resting in your palm: A concept by Sony Corporation Creative Center in cooperation with Itochu Co...
These three package designs, characterized by joint-free, smooth curves and a delicate white texture...
Paper sculptures
Paper sculptures by Richard Sweeney. Richard was born in Huddersfield, England in 1984. He studied a...
Summer seating: Hoop chairs by Raymond Loewy, Hans J. Wegner and Franco Albini
Design classics for summer: Hoop chairs by Raymond Loewy, Hans J. Wegner and Franco Albini.
More cats in art
Cats throughout the centuries.
Sculptures by Thomas Rentmeister. 1964 born in Reken / Westphalia, lives in Berlin ...
Australian time
Wall clock, torch, thermometer and radio prototypes by Australian design duo Daniel To and Emma Aist...
Heinrich Hoerle, Franz Wilhelm Seiwert and Anton Raederscheidt
Paintings by Heinrich Hoerle, born 1895, Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, born 1894, and Anton Räderscheidt, ...
Ringo Sheena !
Printed Stone Fields
This project has started from a search for a 3d-objects optimal packing algorithm over a surface, bu...
Daniel Widrig
Daniel Widrig founded his studio in London in 2009. After graduating from the Architectural Associat...
Peak Oil
"I create sculptures based on sublime moments. These are moments that fill a person with amazement, ...
Nucleo is Piergiorgio Robino (1969) born in Asti, Stefania Fersini (1982) born in Aosta, Alice Carlo...
Jiyong Lee: Segmentation Series
The segmentation series is inspired by my fascination with science of cell, its division and the jou...
"Monster" is a term designating this pile of objects abandoned in the street waiting to be taken awa...
American Modern Paintings at Sotheby´s
Sotheby's New York sale on Wednesday, May 20th totaled $38,301,625 reflecting the continuous health ...
Hiroyuki Tanaka
Architect Hiroyuki Tanaka was born in Osaka. He studied at Keio University and worked with Carbondal...
Paper sculpture
briller par son absence
burn wood
Coloured stones
The coloured stones is use Traditional Chinese Taihu Stone
expansion series
“Chaos and Catastrophe unbound, worlds formed thrust together, Colour and light rebounded, befor...
All the Colour Drained Away
On days that the wind blows hard the leaves all seem to align the same way, the clouds roll in and t...
Looking West
Glimpses at sunset, Snapshots of beauty, How deep the sea, Cliffs that soar away. Imaginings of the ...
Discs and Plates
Swirls of colour, lines, spots, imaginary layers of depth brought out into the light by transparency...
Gin is the Thing
While searching for inspiration for sculpture, a friend was talking about the ideal glass for drinki...
Artwork Statement: "PYROLYSIS" What is it about fire? So attractive, So lovely, desirable, reaching ...
The Demonstrations series.
A new series of paintings, oil on canvas, that deal with movement, the power and energy of the crowd...
A series of watercolour paintings.
Origami envelopes
Origami Envelopes have a special place in Japanese gift-giving culture. The four envelopes here rep...
Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming
Although this is for an exhibition of Japanese contemporary artist Tatsuo Miyajima at Shanghai Minsh...
Yokohama Museum of Art Calendar
Graphic designers Aizawa office from Yokohama designed this wall calendar. With its unassuming but a...
House 33
House No 33 by Uemori Masaaki and Uemori Kokutou: A fantastic example on how contemporary architectu...
Pierre Bonnard: The Memory of Colors
In autumn and winter 2019/20 the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien presented »Pierre Bonnard - The Color...
Francesco Vezzoli: Antique not Antique
Francesco Vezzoli at MUSEO MUSEION.
Faces by 田中 一光 Ikko Tanaka
Inspired by the Bauhaus, by Jazz and by American graphic design, Ikko Tanaka (1930-2002) was one of ...
Rudolf Belling
Rudolf Belling was sculptor, designer, architect and stage designer. In 1908, he founded a studio fo...
Calatrava : Sculptures
Sculptures by architect Santiago Calatrava.
Street Life
Photographic impressions in the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto. (C) Mario Gagliardi
I See Violence in Your Eyes (I-VIII)
Pigment, graphite, charcoal, & mixed media on paper.
Kunio Makaewa
Kunio Maekawa was a master of Japanese modernist architecture. He learned under Le Corbusier and was...
Pieter Bruegel
During his lifetime, Pieter Bruegel the Elder was already among the period’s most sought-after art...
The shape of clouds
"Outside, the land stretches, empty, to the horizon; the sky opens, with speeding clouds. In the sha...
The Joys of Ice Skating
That skating 400 years ago was one of the most popular winter activities in the Netherlands can be s...
serpentine 2017
exhibition, schauspiel köln, cologne. steelobjects, ceramic reliefs.
temporary accessible sculpture.
Franz Kline
Around 1950, Franz Kline radically simplified painting: “Instead of making a sign you can read, yo...
Jeff Zimmerman
Jeff Zimmermann is a Chicago based artist. Born in Kentucky, Zimmerman spent his childhood among nat...
Kenzo Tange
Kenzo Tange was born September 4, 1913 in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from the University of Toky...